10′ X 25′ Golf Ball Barrier, Hockey Barrier Netting, La Crosse, Barrier, Sports

Price: $35.50
(as of Jun 17,2021 05:51:59 UTC – Details)

10 FT X 25 FT Sports and Containment commercial Nylon mesh One Inch hole. These Nets are commercial grade fish net with a small diamond mesh that will not allow the size of a golf ball to pass through it. Approx. 150 lb test. This nylon netting great for recreational sport uses such as golf cage, golf backstop, baseball batting cage, baseball backstop, baseball pitch screen, soccer barrier netting, lacrosse backstop or hockey backstop. Keeps balls out of neighbor’s yards or through their windows. Dye it any color you like with rit dye. Stronger than bird netting and will hold up to strong winds. Use this net to cover your backyard vegetable garden or fruit trees from scavenging birds, raccoons and other animals. All orders are cut at time of sale. Do not use where personal safety is involved. THIS NET IS PERFECT TO COVER YOUR SPA,SWIMMING POOL,OR POND TO KEEP LEAVES OUT. Please follow instructions on how to hang the net so it will not be short in the center. PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO HANG IT! BUYERS ALL FISH NET SHOULD BE HUNG ON A ROPE SO THE MESHES HANG STRAIGHT OR NET WILL BE SHORT IN THE CENTER! RUN A ROPE THRU THE TOP MESHES THEN HANG ROPE WHERE YOU WANT THE NET. THEN SLIDE NET BACK AND FOURTH ON ROPE TILL EVEN IN THE CENTER. ATTACH A ZIP TYE OR TWO TO HOLD NET IN PLACE AND YOUR ALL SET. FOR BEST RESULTS YOU SHOULD LEAVE THE BOTTOM OF THE NET HANG LOOSE. WHEN THE BALL HITS THE NET THE NET WILL JUMP UP AND WRAP AROUND THE BALL AND THEN DROP THE BALL. IF YOUR NET IS SHORT IN THE CENTER YOU HAVE THE NET PULLED TOO TIGHT LEFT TO RIGHT! THE DIAMONDS MUST HANG STRAIGHT. IF THIS HAPPENS PULL THE ENDS IN AND THE CENTER WILL DROP.

10 X 25 Ft Golf Netting, Baseball, Softball Net, Hockey Net, LaCrosse, Practice Hitting, Pitching, Batting and Catching net,
Included in your order we provide easy to follow instructions on how to hang your new golf barrier net.
Indoor/Outdoor Use. Commercial grade netting wither your playing outdoors or bring your game inside.
2″ Diamond 1″ Hole Mesh built with nylon twisted knotted twine Number 7. UV treated and protected, built to last.
NOT A IMPACT NET six feet away with a driver. IF THIS ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK PLEASE LOOK AT THE 25 X 12 Hockey, Golf Barrier Net.

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