Beginner Golf Club Buying Guide [Complete In-Depth Guide]

Beginner Golf Club Buying Guide

Golf is one of the most interesting sports to play and it requires a lot of mental strength and potential to succeed in this sport.

Besides honing the skills of playing the game, you need to know the beginner golf club buying guide to grab the best option. From how many golf clubs are available in one set to choosing them you need to traverse a long way.

Before you start playing the game, you need to know how to choose the best golf clubs for beginners. It is essential for starters to play using suitable golf clubs.

Usually, the golf clubs for learners come with large faces and include a shorter shaft, which makes it easy for the players to hurl the ball in the air. Furthermore, the clubs for beginners are generally more forgiving to fix the contact and swing.

Although the clubs tend to be less powerful in the beginning, you can achieve more consistency while playing the game and improving the technique. Usually, people use fourteen clubs on the field, but nine is fine for amateurs.

Beginner Golf Club Buying Guide [Complete In-Depth Guide]

Golf Club Buying Guide

Picking the best club – Several people make mistakes of buying clubs that do not synchronize with the level of the game they play. Following the beginner golf club buying guide can resolve many of their queries.

The skill level and the experience of playing golf are a couple of things to stay in your mind when choosing the club. Here is how to choose the best golf clubs for beginners and enjoy the game.

Length of the club – The length of the club is a significant feature to consider when choosing the best golf clubs for beginners. When you need to find out the length of the golf club, you should measure your height and the shaft.

The shaft refers to the tapered and long tube, establishing a bridge between the clubhead and the hands of golfers. Therefore, the longer the shaft, the more is the distance of your hands from the ball.

Most of the long clubs of modern times have graphite shafts, which make them more flexible, and the makers usually design shafts according to the variance of swings.

Shaft – For the shaft, it is essential to know the speed of the swing, which the players can assess when getting the right fit. For instance, golfers with excessive swing should choose a shaft with extra stiffness when buying beginner golf clubs.

A regular flex shaft is a common option for learners, senior golfers, and women can “A” or “L” flex shafts. When picking the best beginner golf clubs, you need to watch the right flex to match the swing and allow you to hit the ball hard or keep it under control.

The Wilson Womens Golf Set includes graphite shaft and comes in various lengths, lofts, and flexes.

Loft – Several learners checking the beginner golf club buying guide should choose clubs with higher face loft, which refers to the angle of the clubface controlling the route and affecting the distance.

The beginners should choose a higher loft as it produces less side spin, making it easy for a straight ball flight.

Complete Golf Club Buying Guide

Head  – The speed of the swing also helps in determining the typical head weight. Golfers with high speed should use a heavier head as it regulates.

Slow swing speeds resonate with lighter heads to enhance the velocity of the clubhead. As a starter golf club, a shallow-faced club is an ideal option for launching the ball higher and improving the performance.

Driver – The driver is the longest club in your bag and comes with the largest head. While following the beginner golf club buying guide, you will come to know that it is the primary shot that applies to the tee shot at the start of each hole.

The club helps in hurling the ball to the greatest distance. The Callaway Women Golf Set presents a multitude of clubs for ladies and provides good value for money. Available with all the other accessories, the sets are ideal for beginners.

Grip – There is an eight-inch rubber grip that attaches to the graphite or steel shaft of each golf club. Therefore, players have something to hold and avoid slipping of clubs out of hands when swinging within a speed of 100-120 mph.

When you need to find out how to choose golf clubs for beginners, pay heed to different sizes of grips, namely standard, midsize, and oversize. For bigger hands, a thicker grip is beneficial and allows players to keep their wrists and hands less active during putting stroke.

Grips also come in different textures, colors, and designs. With beginner golf clubs, you can begin with the standard grip and switch to custom options if you are not comfortable.

how to choose best golf clubs for beginners

Hosels – The hosel is the portion that connects the golf head with the shaft. Specific golf clubs, such as fairway woods, drivers, and hybrids come with adjustable hosels to change the loft settings of the club.

The putters, wedges, and irons so not have adjustable hosels as the clubs have pre-adjusted lie angles.

Ideally, the adjustments of lie angles depend on the height and the swing. When choosing the best golf clubs for beginners, check the hosels and the lie angles.

Fairway wood – This club should include in the beginner golf club buying guide, which is popular when playing on the fairway as the second shot of a long par-4 hole or a par-5 hole.

This club assists in lifting the ball out of the turf and allows players to get good distance and accuracy on the fairway. The Callaway Strata Golf Set is a classic example of driver and fairway wood.

Mid and short irons – If you are thinking about how to choose golf clubs for beginners, the irons are clubs used in different situations of the game and allow players to get the ball on to the green.

Although the numbers on the iron can vary, the beginners need to choose the 4 irons with the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9.

The 4 irons include in the beginner golf club buying guide. The higher is the number, the easier and quicker it is for players to lift the ball into the air.

Usually, the requirement of irons varies according to situations if the game. For instance, the mid-iron with numbers 6 or 7 is suitable from the fairway and rough to the long approach shots.

On the other hand, the short irons, numbered 8 and 9 are suitable for short approach shots. The TaylorMade P760 Irons is the progressive-players iron shaping and comes with SpeedFoam Technology, providing the consistency you need.

The TaylorMade P790 Irons help the beginners improve the game meticulously. You can review different types of golf irons and switch to the lower-numbered iron, such as 3 and 4 with considerable improvement in the game.

Putter – When the question hovers how to choose golf clubs for beginners, the putter is the club to use on the green while trying to put the ball in the hole.

Putters come with a flat race, which allows players to hit the ball flexibly on a straight line along the ground. While framing the beginner golf club buying guide, you need to keep putter in the list.

best golf clubs for beginners

Wedges – The wedges help in improving the score on the green and come with higher lofts for producing more accurate shots and higher spin to regulate the distance of the ball. The pitching wedge for an approach shot that is close to the green.

Using this club is ideal to get under the ball and lift it higher. Therefore, the ball stops on the green quickly and stays close to the hole. When it comes to reviewing the beginner golf club buying guide, you need to study the bounce while choosing the wedges in the club set.

Ideally, you need to measure it through the angle from the primary edge of the clubface of the wedge and the bottom of the sole. The higher is the angle, the greater is the bounce on the wedges.

Hybrids – This is the latest addition to golf clubs and extremely versatile that can replace the iron from 2-iron to 8-iron loft.

Although the heads of hybrids appear similar to fairway woods, they are smaller in size and shallow. With a larger sweet spot and a lower center of gravity than long irons, it is the best golf clubs for beginners to choose.

Price point  – When reviewing the Beginner Golf Club Buying Guide, you need to study the prices of golf clubs and compare the rates. However, you need to avoid spending money uselessly, especially while getting high-grade equipment.

Beginners need not spend money in a jiffy for getting the first set of clubs. Spending a reasonable amount can get you about nine to ten different golf clubs, which is pretty much what beginners require. You need to research the golf club markets to get the best deal.

The Final Tip

must read guide for golf players

With various types of clubs to use for playing golf, you might face a plethora of challenges to choose the club, depending on your level. Many of you may strive to know how to choose golf clubs for beginners due to different sizes and shapes.

As men and women golf players face different sets of impediments on the field, the sets should also be different. If you love the sport and keen to improve your game, investing in the first set of golf should be an exciting deal.

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