9+ Best Beginner Golf Clubs [Golf Club Starter Set 2020 Edition]

Best Beginner Golf Clubs

Golf happens to be one of the most promising and enjoyable sports, but even frustrating for some, mainly for the newbies. Primarily speaking, it is one expensive game. Right from the balls to the starter golf clubs, everything costs a hefty budget.

If you have just started playing golf, you might have been lending the best golf clubs for beginners from your friends. But, if you are planning to add seriousness to your game, you better buy one for yourself.

For the beginners out there, you need to know the various types of beginner golf clubs available first, along with their qualities. Some of the standard clubs as found are iron, wood, putter, drivers, hybrid, and more.

But, clubs are categorically divided under multiple heads. Each one of the best beginner golf clubs will differ because of their price and quality. It is vital to know more about the best golf clubs, designed for beginners.

So, let’s get started with the top 10 starter golf club sets that you must give a try. Each beginner golf set has its features, specifications, pros, and cons. You need to check all the golf clubs for beginners, focus on their playing ability, and then make a purchase.

9+ Best Beginner Golf Clubs [The In-Depth Review]

1. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set with 12 pieces

best golf clubs for beginners

Known to be quite user-friendly, this Men’s Strata Complete 12 pieces golf set from Callaway is perfect for the beginners.

This is one golf club starter set with ten different clubs, designed to offer forgiveness on every possible shot. Whether you are looking for the best value for dollars or even your chances, this is one perfect club set to consider.

The clubs in golf clubs set for beginners comprise of 3-wood, 460cc driver, pitching wedge, and a 5H hybrid. Not only that, but it has a putter on the list as well.

You will get an iron range from 6 to 9 in this set. Even the price set is pretty affordable for beginners, making it a perfect and best golf set for beginners.

Furthermore, in this best starter golf clubs set, the driver has a larger sweet spot. So, it gives rise to longer hits and higher forgiveness. The club can easily generate enough distance to generate right from the tee.

But, it has its share of disappointment too, with 3-wood in the club set. Furthermore, even when the sweet spot is pretty large, and the ball gets to cover a more considerable distance, the trajectory will remain inconsistent.

However, this club has its best thing to it, and that has to be the 5H Hybrid. Whether you are facing some issue to hit with driver, wood, or the irons, these are the best golf clubs for beginners, in a word.

Furthermore, the irons are proficiently equipped with sole-width technology and perimeter weighting. It provides complete control over shots and ultimate accuracy. Even the impact feel of this beginner golf club set remains good and will make these clubs promising for the newbies. Even the pitching wedge remains effective.

There is a mixed review when it comes to the mallet putter. However, the shots remain entirely accurate, and these beginner golf clubs can cover good distances on all the hits.

This pack is complete with a stand bag, followed by a strap system to help carry these clubs to the golf field. Yes, the bag is heavy but bearable. It comes with a cooler pocket and rain hood for extra protection.

Key Features
  • The 12 pieces best starter golf club sets are perfect for maximum performance. The collection comprises 3 Hybrid, three wood, 6 to 9 iron, stand bag, two head covers, putter, and PW.
  • The lightweight 460cc wood-based forged driver is perfect with the larger sweet spot. It comprises of a titanium head for more forgiveness. It has oversized 3-wood with an aerodynamic head shape to it for higher shots.
  • The current 5 Hybrid of such best golf club brands for beginners is a perfect alternative to long irons and provides more confidence in varying shots.
  • It comprises of stainless steel irons with a perfect combination of control and forgiveness.
  • The mallet putter is aligned correctly to provide ultimate accuracy.
  • The irons in these best beginner golf clubs come with proper control, and those are quite forgiving.
  • The hybrid club is the primary selling point of this club set. It works alternative to various clubs on the tricky shots.
  • It has greater distance coverage and proper consistency with the driver.
  • These best golf club sets for beginners have shoulder-friendly bags with proper straps for safety measures.
  • It is not the perfect starter golf club for the fast swingers.
  • The 3-wood is not up to the mark and remains bad on mishits.

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2. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

beginner golf clubs

With 4.5 stars out of 5, you can mark Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set is one of the best starter golf clubs of modern times. This 16-pieces set is designed for ultimate performance and distance for women interested in a round of golf.

Furthermore, this set has modern golf technology for covering everything for a perfect swing. The set comprises of a driver, 4 and 5 Hybrid, 3 Wood, SW and PW, Putter, four head covers and a stand bag.

The Modernized golf technology is the main point of this golf club starter set. It is designed for perfect forgiveness, distance, and performance for every club in the set.

Now the women players can focus on longer shots with better playability. This best golf set for beginners comes with more confidence and control within the incredible value.

This set happens to have a full titanium driver for the larger sweet spot and higher forgiveness for a better swing. These best clubs for beginners comprise of forgiving 5-wood, designed for higher and longer shots with their aerodynamic head shapes.

The 6 to 9 irons will have a flight technology for delivering forgiveness, distance, and control from its stainless steel body. When it comes to putter, this best starter golf club set has precise face milling for distance control and better accuracy. It helps in sinking more putts.

Key Features
  • This is one of the best golf clubs for beginners with a full titanium driver. It provides you with a larger sweet spot and forgiveness for a better swing. It has a headcover included in the pack.
  • This item has a light in weight and a durable stand bag with a cool authentic look to it. The bag comprises of convenient pockets and easy carrying straps.
  • As mentioned already, it has precise face milling for proper distance control and better accuracy to help sink some more putts.
  • The high flight technology of the irons or wedges will deliver forgiveness, distance, and with better control, mainly from the stainless steel irons.
  • The hybrids of these best beginner golf club sets are better alternatives to long irons. So, the golfers can now play every shot with more confidence. These hybrids have headcovers included.
  • This beginner golf clubs set comprises of forgiving 3-wood crafted for high and longer shots with its aerodynamic head shape. You have headcovers for these clubs too.
  • The irons are perfect for covering a long distance, especially with the drivers and alternative hybrids. The graphite shafts are light in weight and perfect.
  • This club set offers maximum distance off the tee. As the club’s face remains forgiving, it helps to hit every fairway almost.
  • It is a perfect club set for the beginners and has everything that a golfer should need. It is value for money and a perfect alternative to the cheaper starter set.
  • The clubs in the set look really nice and not too flashy. The seven clubs from the set are extremely light in weight, and the grip is quite comfortable too. It does not slip from your hand while swinging.
  • This best beginner golf clubs set does not have iron covers for matching the bag.
  • One con of this set is that the clubhead gets bruise easily. You can notice the scratches from using the clubs a few times.

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3. Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set [Best Beginner Golf Clubs 2020]

best beginner golf clubs

This starter golf club set is perfect for offering impeccable quality, which you can get only from the expensive club sets.

Golfers, who have just started playing this game, can easily improve by using these best golf club sets for beginners. Even though this set isn’t as complete as the Callaway Strata one, but it does have some amazing club ranges.

You will receive a hybrid, fairway wood, a driver, and 6 through 9 irons in this starter golf clubs set. Furthermore, it has its share of the better putter and pitching wedge to it.

However, the major drawback in this regard is the missing sand wedge. If this set can add another fairway wood to it, then it might have completed it.

The clubs come handy with a self-activating stand bag. It comprises of multiple pockets to store your necessities. The golf club starter set comes with a 460cc driver with a larger sweet spot for a better swing.

It helps to tee off a lot better and easier for first-timers. If hitting good fairway shots seem difficult, the hybrid in the set is your answer.

The irons in this best golf set for beginners will have extra-large spots. So, you can always expect better accuracy and forgiveness. However, the pitching wedge is of standard quality. The putter, on the other hand, will have a heel and toe design.

This is a good club set for beginners who are willing to improve their gaming quality. The price of such best golf club brands for beginners remains reasonable with a feel-good factor to it. Even the clubs are quite forgiving with larger sweet spots.

Also, Check Out – TaylorMade P790 Irons Set

Key Features
  • These best golf clubs for beginners will have super game improvement design. It primarily focuses on adding more distance to the newbies.
  • You can’t ignore its light in weight ergonomic bag, with its self-activating stand. Even the numerous pockets will add more value to it.
  • It comes with alignment putter with the soft paddle grip. So, now players can improve their aim and distance for all the golfers.
  • The larger sweet spot irons will have better perimeter weighting. It helps in improving performance on all the off-center hits.
  • Then this beginner golf clubs set has a larger 460cc titanium matrix driver. It comprises of a lower center of gravity and a hot face for launching the ball right off the tee.
  • The grips of the clubs will have markings on them for better gripping.
  • The players will have a softer feel on the shots with the current putter.
  • The irons in this best beginner golf clubs set will have steel shafts within. It provides golfers with better accuracy and control.
  • The irons and driver offer forgiveness. So, this club set is a perfect fit for the mishits.
  • If you are looking for perfect golf set for the beginners, this one comes at the right price.
  • If you are within the pro golfing section, this set might not be the right call for you.
  • For completing this starter golf club set, you need to purchase sand wedge separately.

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4. Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set

starter golf club

Released in the year 2017, the Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set is still within the favorites among the women golfers to date. There are primarily two reasons for ladies to rely on the starter golf clubs from Wilson.

The clubs will offer an easy launch and can cover the extra distance with ease. In case you are a beginner, then you need to invest some dollars for this set.

The best part about this golf club starter set is its super game improvement design. It will generally focus more on the distance for the beginner golfers.

Moreover, the golfs are designed for swing speeds of women with a lower center of gravity. It helps to provide improved launch characteristics out there, as expected from the best golf set for beginners.

The larger sweet spot of the irons will feature perimeter weight for better playability, especially to cover the off-center hits. Even the light in weight components of this golf set is another one of its characteristics.

It comes with flexible shafts, which is another promising option in here. The cart bag is available with this set is also light in weight. The bag features convenient lifting handles along with various pockets.

Key Features
  • The set comprises of 6 through 9 irons with a pitching wedge. All of them are completely built with the cavity back. These best golf clubs for beginners will help the women golfers to launch balls easily. For completing the set, you will receive a weighted putter as well.
  • The pack comprises of hybrid as well, which will replace the lower irons like 4 or 5. These hybrids are quite important for golfers as they help to add versatility to a golfing round.
  • The driver, with its 14-degree measurement, will offer maximum forgiveness, mainly due to its larger sweet spot. So, now you can play the off-center hits with ease. Well, that’s not all as the driver comprises a graphite shaft. So, it remains light in weight with faster swinging speed.
  • This set has a total of 8 clubs for you, starting from the drivers to putters.
  • To complete the beginner golf clubs set, it has a light weighted cart bag and some add-on headcovers. If you value the price, then this set is a good value for the dollars spent on it.
  • The drivers have graphite shafts to make them light in weight. With a lighter weight, you get more speed.
  • With eight clubs in this best beginner golf clubs set, the beginners will have enough choices lying in front of them.
  • The drivers and irons will further offer some more forgiveness to hit even when you are not quite confident in the shot.
  • The clubs came handy with an easy launching system and added distance. These characteristics will be the top-selling point of this set.
  • The cart bag fails to have a kickstand with it.
  • It is not a good choice for left-handed players. This starter golf club is designed for right-handed players only.
  • The pack doesn’t have a sand wedge. So, you need to purchase one separately for completing the pack.

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5. MAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons Set for Men & Women

starter golf clubs

If you are looking for single length irons for the first-timers, then the MAZEL single length golf club set is perfect for both genders. With nine pieces in the set, you will get everything you need for entering the golf game for the first time.

The best part is that these golf clubs are perfect for beginners and even experienced golfers. The underlying objective of this starter golf clubs set is to reduce the complexity of this game and make this game more fun for all.

The set comprises of one length, which provides repeatable and easier swing. It is steadier and even has a consistent feel to it. So, now you can play a round of golf using this golf club starter set and hit the strokes with confidence. Just train the brain to learn about a swing and then enjoy the rest of the game with ease.

Golfers now get the chance to enhance the ball striking rate with this best golf set for beginners. They can strike the ball now with confidence and comfort using the single length irons. It is a perfect addition if you are looking for more consistency in your game. The shaft is made out of premium quality stainless steel, which makes it handy for long term use.

However, just like any other golf set, this one has its set of cons as well. One such issue with this set is that it is specifically designed for right-handed players. So, if you are a leftie, this golf set won’t be of any help to you.

The 6-SW club is purposely designed with extra casting craft. It comprises of a much more polished surface area and precise iron shaping. Thanks to the strong structure of these best golf clubs for beginners, you can always feel superior with every hit and with a higher performance rate.

You can’t ignore the higher-performing rubber grip, which is easier to hold. It can further absorb sweat easily and comes with an anti-slip routine. You can’t ignore the super stainless steel body, which will eliminate all kinds of unwanted vibrations while playing a game. It helps in creating a comfortable and stable feel to the players.

Then you have the full hollow design with the beginner golf clubs set. The 4 to 5 irons will feature this design for delivering a lower center of gravity. In the end, every hit will come with great precision.

The products are known for their wider soles, which will offer more forgiveness. It becomes rather easier for the golfers to cover more distance of every impact location with this best beginner golf clubs set. Primarily, the iron clubs will help in improving a minimum of 5 yards.

Key Features
  • This starter golf club set comprises of 100% graphite shaft with one length for every club in the set. It offers the same weight and consistent feel for every possible shot. It can easily enhance the performance of both professional and new players.
  • This starter golf clubs set has a lower center of gravity for helping the ball to fly straight and for a long time.
  • You can’t ignore the high performing rubber grip of this set that offers good feel to hold. It furthermore comes with shock absorption and anti-slip features.
  • It comprises of 431 stainless steel irons with a larger sweet spot for improving accuracy. The set comprises of 9 pieces of an iron club set. The pack has PW, AW, SW, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  • This set comes with perfect one-piece casting technology under 6 – SW for better performance all the time.
  • The perfect rubber grip makes it comfortable to touch and will eliminate unwanted vibrations for a stable play.
  • The full hollow design will deliver a lower gravitational center, and higher precision hits every time.
  • The single weight and length of the clubs might result in distance loss.
  • This product is not for the left-handed players.

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6. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set with 16 Pieces

golf club starter set

Just like the ultimate complete golf set from Callaway with 12 pieces, the 16 pieces set is another one to give a try. It is yet another golf club starter set designed for providing better distance and performance with its modern golf technology.

It helps you to cover everything, starting from the tee to green. This set particularly comprises of 4 and 5 hybrids, driver, three wood, 6 to 9 iron, SW and PW, stand bag, putter and four headcovers.

This particular best golf set for beginners is available for both left and right-handed players, with a bit different in price. The Strata Ultimate is perfectly designed for covering extra distance and offer a perfect performance rate.

The full titanium golf driver will offer a better sweet spot and with more forgiveness. The best golf clubs for beginners will have forgiving 3-wood, crafted for high flying and longer shots with the aerodynamic head shape.

There are 4 and 5 hybrids, which are perfect alternatives to the longer irons. So, now you get to play with maximum confidence on multiple shots. The irons will have higher flight technology for delivering forgiveness, distance, and even control from the stainless steel ones.

In terms of the putter, you have precise face milling from these beginner golf clubs. The putter offers better accuracy and with perfect distance control for helping you to sink some more putts.

Lastly, this pack comprises of light in weight, durable bag. It has an authentic cool look to it with some convenient pockets. To carry the bag around easily, it has straps to it.

Key Features
  • The precise fall milling putter is perfectly crafted for better distance control and accuracy for helping to sink some more putts.
  • The higher flight technology will help to deliver better distance, forgiveness, and with greater control, mainly from the stainless steel irons.
  • This best beginner golf clubs set has hybrids within, which are a greater alternative to long irons. Now you can play every shot with more confidence to cover various shots.
  • The pack has forgiving 3-wood, structured for high flying and longer shots within the more aerodynamic head shape. You will get headcovers for all these clubs.
  • Then you have the full titanium driver, which will provide you with a larger sweet spot and extra forgiveness for a higher flow of the golf ball.
  • The high flight technology of this starter golf club set is perfect for delivering perfect distance. You can get the best control from its stainless steel iron set.
  • The modernized golf technology is another interesting factor, for providing every player with better forgiveness, performance, and distance.
  • The stand bag of this starter golf clubs set is light in weight and known for its authentic look. The convenient pockets with tee holders will add more benefits to the product.
  • The driver of this golf club starter set is not that sturdy like the other models and can crack after playing a few hundred balls.

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7. MDXII Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Full Package Set [Best Beginner Golf Clubs For All]

best golf set for beginners

For another example of the best golf set for beginners, you can try out MDXII Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Full Package Set for a change. The clubs are all graphite, with the tall size being +1 inch. The set comprises titanium driver, hybrid, fairway wood, 5-PW irons, stand bag, putter, and 3 H/Cs.

To top it all, this product comprises of 460cc titanium driver. To top it all, the best golf clubs for beginners from this source will have its share of stainless steel irons and woods.

This set includes the titanium to offer the best elements and at an affordable rate.

The numerous characteristics of this set will include iron golf shafts, graphite, and some more as part of beginner golf clubs set.

Not just outstanding performance of the product, but you can’t ignore its aesthetic look, which will definitely work out in your favor.

Another interesting factor happens to be the 100% graphite shaft, making a part of the woods. Moreover, it has a 100% graphite shaft or the True Temper Steel Shafts, located on the irons.

If you want, you can easily purchase this best beginner golf clubs set in its all graphite shafts. You can purchase the all-graphite shaft with its senior flex shafts.

Key Features
  • The starter golf club set comprises of matching deluxe dual-strap golf bag. The set has its own head covers too. Now you get to carry your golf set as your backpack with ease.
  • This premium men’s best golf clubs for beginners will deliver ultimate distance and better performance with a full complement of clubs. These clubs are easy to hit.
  • Not only for the beginners, but this beginner golf clubs set is perfect for the intermediate level players too. With such a low cost, the features of this golf club set are just outstanding.
  • The only set in a town with all graphite shafts for all the clubs.
  • This starter golf club set will also have 5-iron at an affordable price point.
  • The clubs might be a bit shorter, but that doesn’t compromise on the quality of this starter golf clubs
  • Shafts of this best beginner golf clubs set happen to be a bit short for some players.
  • The hybrid section will look more like seven or 5-wood in place of a true hybrid.
  • For some players, the putter needs to be of better quality.

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8. TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid/Iron Set

beginner golf set

If you want to get the most out of your golf club starter set, then this M6 combo one is the right choice to make. Now, the time has come to replace the longer iron set with the M6 Rescues.

These club sets will now have Twist Face. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the Speed Bridge structure in association with the mid and short irons for greater consistency and higher speed.

The current Speed Bridge structure of this best golf set for beginners will help you to use a flexible thru-slot speed pocket. It is perfectly crafted to add more ball speed.

Then you have added stiffness in head structure to offer higher ball speeds because of reduced energy loss.

On the other hand, the ultra-thin face design comes with ICT or Inverted Cone Technology, which will deliver incredible ball speed over the total face area. The Speed Bridge of starter golf clubs will support topline for reducing lower-frequency vibrations for presenting a satisfying sound in the end.

Key Features
  • This golf club starter set comprises of Advanced HYBRAR compression damper, which will filter the unwanted vibrations effectively for a solid yet soft feel.
  • The 360-degree undercut of the best golf set for beginners from this brand will lower the Center of Gravity. It helps in increasing the launch angle and ball speed for generating stronger penetrating ball flight.
  • The Twist Face of this best starter golf club set is one revolutionary curvature with a corrective face angle on the off-center hits. It is mainly engineered to reduce the side spin and to deliver a straighter face.
  • The best golf clubs for beginners will have a thinner and fast face for improving the ball speed and its overall distance.
  • The product comprises of stepped crown for a lower center of gravity and easy alignment of the beginner golf clubs.
  • You can’t ignore the improved slot flexibility of best beginner golf clubs for covering the larger COR area. It will offer primary off-center performance, mainly to cover the low facing strikes.
  • The hosel of the five irons might not be as strong as intended and just need some changes.
  • Pretty expensive starter golf club model when compared to some other branded items.

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9. Cobra Golf 2019 Men’s XL Speed Complete Golf Set

golf clubs set for beginners

With a titanium driver and oversized clubhead, the Cobra Golf 2019 Men’s XL Speed Complete Golf Set is one solution for the first-timer golfers.

This starter golf clubs set comes with back or heel weighting for delivering the finest combination of forgiveness and distance.

Apart from the forgiving and light in weight clubs in this golf club starter set, you will further receive a putter and a premium quality cart bag. So, now you will have everything handy to start a game and finish it successfully.

This Cobra XL Speed Set is a best starter golf club sets kit for those who just entered this game of golf. The easy to hit and light-weighted clubs will help you to focus on having an amazing time on the course.

To top it all, these clubs from the best golf set for beginners will help you grow your passion for the game. The driver, hybrid, fairway, and irons are known for their lightweight values.

Under the graphite section of this best golf clubs for beginners, you have a driver, fairways under 3F and 5F, Hybrids under 4H and 5H, Irons as 6, 7, 8, 9, PW and SW and a blade putter.

Then you have the regular or the steel version of this beginner golf clubs set as well with the same driver, fairways, hybrids, and blade putter. The only difference lies in the irons made out of steel in place of graphite.

Key Features
  • This best beginner golf clubs set comprises of a cart bag to complete the package. It has a 14-way top, alongside one velour-lined pocket, beverage cooler holder, and seven zippered compartments.
  • The premium design of the putter of this starter golf club set will provide a machined face pattern. It helps in delivering proper feel and control on the shorter and longer putts.
  • The irons will feature that traditional cavity back construction as part of these starter golf clubs It helps the golfers to improve their stability on miss-hits and forgiveness too.
  • The 3 and 5 wood fairways will offer a shallow profile and lower back or heel weight. It helps the golfers to play towering and higher shots with this golf club starter set from a fairway lie.
  • This best golf set for beginners is here to offer forgiving and lightweight driver, with better hybrids and iron designs. These are mainly engineered for delivering maximum forgiveness and distance.
  • It is a well-done and complete starter golf club It comes with head and bag covers for extra safety.
  • Reasonably priced best golf clubs for beginners with higher forgiving level as some characteristics of this set.
  • There is no cooler pocket in some of the bags available.
  • The drive flow of the beginner golf clubs can be a bit better than its present form.

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10. Founders Club The Judge Men’s Complete Golf Set

golf clubs for beginners

The Judge golf set from the Founders Club comes with an affordable price tag to it. It is one of the most complete and best beginner golf clubs in modern times. The clubs are mainly crafted to maximize the distance and offer ultimate forgiveness.

The set comprises of 10 clubs in total. This starter golf clubs set includes 6 through PW irons, putter, a hybrid, and 3-wood. It even has a sand wedge, which is hard to find in other sets.

This golf club starter set is known for its 460cc forged driver, which is crafted using a graphite shaft. The item remains light in weight and will add forgiveness on the tee shots.

Even the 3-wood club is a standard one and will perform its tasks effectively and provide more distance on the hits. This is one best golf set for beginners and for good reasons.

The hybrid part of this best beginner golf clubs set is proficiently equipped with its larger sweet spot and light graphite shafts. If long irons are not your cup of tea for certain shots, this starter golf club is one for you.

The irons have a cavity back and with sole wide technology. So, users can now easily hit the shots longer and straighter with these starter golf clubs.

Then you have the mallet putter of this club, which will perform as well as anticipated. It will form a major part of the golf club starter set and will twist less. You can align the putter solely to its target path with ease. Even the stand bag is pretty light in weight and also durable. That makes golfers happy.

Key Features
  • You can’t ignore the 10.5 degrees light in weight titanium composite 460cc forged driver of this best golf set for beginners. The larger sweet spot results in higher forgiveness.
  • The number 3 fairway wood can be widely used from the fairway or tee. It is a major part of this beginner golf set, which covers excellent distance and carry.
  • Then you have the hybrid club under number 4, featuring a larger sweet spot for maximizing forgiveness. It is one great alternative to some of the difficult long irons. So, with every shot from these golf clubs set for beginners, you will gain confidence.
  • These golf clubs for beginners are perfect for maximizing performance.
  • The product comes with 12 months of warranty against any manufacturing defect and workmanship.
  • The best starter golf clubs set covers three matching headcovers for protecting hybrid, driver, and fairway wood.
  • The package does not have five wood or traditional 3, 4, and 5 irons.
  • This beginner golf club set is not perfect for tall people.

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Detailed Buying Guide About These Best Beginner Golf Clubs

If you are looking to purchase the best clubs for beginners, make sure to focus on the buying guide first. It will help you to make the right choice with THE best starter golf club set now.

Always avoid purchasing professional and expensive golf club sets – The expensive best beginner golf club sets are pretty lucrative, thanks to their feature-loaded products. The updated technologies will get you attracted to these best beginner golf club sets.

However, being a beginner, it is recommended to purchase the best golf club sets for beginners, which aren’t expensive at all. Try having a chat with the professionals and ask for their advice while settling for the best golf club brands for beginners.

Beginners have to practice quite often, and to break the expensive golf clubs is not an option. So, always head for the cost-effective and best starter golf club sets as your right choice.

Go for the mid to the larger clubhead size – For the beginners, look in for the beginner golf set with larger club heads. It helps you to get enough sweet spot for offering forgiveness on mishits. The most recommended options here with the golf clubs set for beginners will be 450 to 460cc drivers. It is a practical driver head size for beginners.

The right choice between steel and graphite shafts – Most of the best clubs for beginners will have graphite shafts within. So, the clubs remain light in weight. Therefore, the beginners will have a great feeling by hitting the ball hard and gaining more distance.

So, the graphite shafts are pretty much common in the best starter golf club set. However, it applies mostly for the woods, too, as part of the best beginner golf club sets as well.

In terms of irons, the steel shafts of best golf club sets for beginners will cover the job perfectly. Some golfers might prefer iron graphite shafts even though it remains optional.

Start golfing with the cast iron ones – The golf clubs for beginners will have cast irons within. It helps you to spread the weight around the perimeter of the best starter golf clubs and make them way more forgiving than before.

These forged irons are pretty popular among the professionals too. These clubs will have a center of gravity in front of the club and with the tight sweet spot. If you are looking for off-center shots, then opt for a beginner golf club set with cast irons.

FAQs About These Beginner Golf Clubs

Question – How do you clean the best starter golf club sets for beginners?

Answer – Searching the internet will help you come across multiple golf club cleaners. You can choose any one of them for your best golf club brands for beginners and get help.

Question – Should you purchase new or used golf clubs for beginners?

Answer – For those with lower budgets on beginner golf set, you can always head for the second-hand option. But, if you have hundreds of dollars in the pocket and want to take this game of golf seriously, then you better head towards the new golf clubs set for beginners.

Question – Should you avoid hybrid clubs as part of your best starter golf club set?

Answer – Most of the traditionalists will avoid using hybrid, but that doesn’t go for the novices. So, the beginner golf club set will have a hybrid club within as it helps you to hit a ball with ease and gain more confidence.

Question – Should you purchase a single club or a best starter golf club set at a time?

Answer – For the starters, you better head towards best beginner golf club sets always, which will have the best clubs for beginners included. But, only head towards the best golf club sets for beginners when you are serious about this game.

Question – Which brands to choose for golf club sets?

Answer – There are many brands able to present best starter golf clubs set. Some of the major ones are Callaway, Wilson, Mazel, and more.

Final Verdict About The Best Beginner Golf Clubs

It is true that you will always be looking for the best golf club brands for beginners. The top 10 ones are listed for your reference. Go through all the possible best starter golf club sets, check out their features, and then make a final call. It all depends on your usability and budget, of course.

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