Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set [The Premium Graphite Edition]

Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set

There are different types of golf sets available in the market, for example, the TaylorMade P790 Irons Set, and you may have a slight inclination towards it. There is nothing wrong with it but without having a look at the other similar sets, it would be unwise to conclude and comment, ‘It is the best.’

Now the question is How To Buy Best Golf Irons? Well, the simple answer to this is that you will need to compare the product you have chosen with other similar products.

You will need to know the specifications, the performance, the capabilities, as well as the technicalities before you finally arrive at your decision. Therefore, needless to say, thorough research is necessary.

Take a look at the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set for that matter to make an informed and educated choice.

It is true that the TaylorMade P760 Irons are good enough but have a look at the tech and specs of the product designed by Callaway. Going through this article you will find that this typical set is designed to perfection and geared to bring out the best performance in you.

Since it is very crucial to have a Perfect Golf Swing Plane, you will get exactly that in precise proportion in the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set.

In addition to that, it will also ensure that it unleashes a total distance overhaul. The features of this Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set that make that possible are its lightweight build, much stronger lofts, and much longer lengths. All these three aspects of this golf set will help you as a golfer to maximize speed and power.

Apart from that, there are also several other important aspects, features, and technicalities of the Callaway golf set that makes it a worthy competitor of the TaylorMade gold set, your primary choice.

Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set [The Detailed Review]

Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set Review

Selecting your model – First, to know more about the product, you will need to go through the user and expert reviews. The good thing about going through the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set Review is that it will help you to select the right model according to your need and suitability.

When you want to select the right model there are a few specific aspects that you should look into the set. These include the length, accuracy, versatility, ease of use, weight, and more.

It must sound and feel good when you swing it and hit the ball with it. Try it out a couple of times till you find the best one for your use.

Other technical aspects to look into the set includes the size of the head which should be substantial and accurate. Ideally, a perfect head should have medium width of the sole, standard topline, and progressive offset. If you want to have a long carry, easy and high launch then a wider sole will be perfect for you.

At all costs and in all circumstances, the model you select should belong in length, light in weight, and have stouter lofts, as mentioned earlier.

About the construction – With extensive research and by going through the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set Review you will also come to know about the construction of the Callaway Rogue Iron. This is also an important aspect to know as it will help you once again to make the right choice.

360 Face Up Technology – Ideally, the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set is designed with the 360 Face Cup Technology.

This is a specific technology, which when combined with the VFT or Variable Face Thickness, extends the sweet spot intensely, enabling the golf ball to reach a long distance.

Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set Review

The Urethane Microsphere – In addition to that, there is also a urethane microsphere layer within the face and body of the product. This layer absorbs the vibration and dampens it to improve the feel as well as the sound.

However, this does not compromise with the speed of the ball or the COR and is perfectly designed to enhance the functionality of the club and help the ball reach great distance in a single hit.

Tungsten weights – Apart from that, the construction of the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set also includes Tungsten weights that are meticulously positioned to optimize the launch and at the same time regulate each loft.

To sum up, all these features and elements of the construction of the Rogue Iron set ensures that the speed of the ball is high which is actually due to the larger surface area of the face.

Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Review

The components included – When you go through the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set Review you will also come to know about the different components as well as the type of irons that are available. Ideally, there are 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and PW, AW, GW, and SW types of irons available.

Each of these come with different specs and capacities in terms of their different attributes. These are the loft, lie, length, offset, and swing weight. You will get to know all about these specs from the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Review.

Exploring the technologies – Now that you know about the technologies and the types of irons available, thanks to the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Review.

It is time to know a bit more about the technologies used in the built of these golf sets. This will help you to know about how these technologies combinedly help the structure and functionality of it.

Combining the two technologies – The 360 Face Up technology extends the face of the set significantly. This provides a larger force which in turn results in faster ball speed. This means that even when you may any off-center hit the ball will travel a long distance.

This technology typically uses a flexible and shallow rim set around the border of the face. This actually provides more flexes and creates a huge impact to release the ball at an incredible speed.

The VFT or Variable Face Thickness technology regulates how the face of the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set flexes itself to enhance the speed of the ball even more, during off-center hits.

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Vibration reduction – The elastic urethane microspheres of the set provides the benefits of urethane to the ball with its speed and the club with its sound and feel.

This is specifically designed and engineered to deal with the excessive vibration while hitting the ball at great force and speed. It also ensures that there is no harsh feel or any unpleasant sound due to the thin face of iron hitting the ball.

The urethane has the property to dampen this vibration to increase the flex of the iron face and thereby the sound and feel of it. All in all, it improves the level of performance and keeps it consistent.

Tungsten weighting – A good Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Review will also help you to know about the tungsten material infused in the architecture of the set. This enables precise positioning of CG. This helps in better and desired control of each loft to ensure a maximized launch.

Ideally, this is all due to the physical property of the tungsten material used in making the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set. This material is known to be two times heavier in comparison to steel.

It is this heavyweight that allows this material to concentrate a significant amount of weight into the small surface to create an area that is intricately shaped. This precise engineering ensures optimal performance.

Use of graphene – The graphite shaft of the Callaway golf rogue X iron set is one of the most successful profiles that has been developed to date. This is made by the use of Graphene boosted epoxy resin.

Graphene is known to be three hundred times stronger and durable than structural steel. Its physical property also makes it twenty times stronger than the graphite fibers. It is for these two specific properties that graphene is used to fortify the shaft.

With the tip of the set made from graphene and the tapering design, the golf sets get a smooth and balanced profile. This design element not only provides a smooth and exceptional feel but also ensures a much more controlled release for a better hit and ball speed.

Overall, the technology and design of the Callaway golf rogue X iron set enables it to weigh within 65 to 70 grams with a torque of 4.7° and have an average trajectory and kick point.

The Final Verdict

How To Buy Best Golf Irons

Therefore, with all these specs and facts in front of you, it will be easy for you to compare the Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Set with other variants. You will find that it is much longer, lighter, and stronger.

Right from the sole design to the CG location of the Rogue X, it will give a much longer and more forgiving flight to the ball. You will find it extremely easy to use and send the ball to a great distance even with an off-center hit.

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