Callaway Women Golf Set [Detailed Review 2020 Edition]

Callaway Women Golf Set

The Callaway Strata Golf Set is enough to solve all your issues. Not just being cost-effective, but these golf sets are known to help golfers play a round of golf without any annoyance. In case you are planning to remain a casual golfer, this set is the most awaited one to grab. This is one quality Callaway Women Golf Set for the beginners.

It is primarily recognized as one of the top sets for the new players, who are just testing the water. Let’s talk about the look first, which is just mind-boggling. To top it all, you can’t forget its price. The Callaway Women Golf Set is stated to be one of the most promising starter golf club sets, which will be by your side within $200! Now that’s a steal, to be honest!

Callaway Women Golf Set [The In-Depth Review]

Callaway Women Golf Set Review

Parts of the Callaway set – Before you settle for this Callaway Women Golf Set, make sure to get a good hold of the pieces, which make the set perfect. A little bit of information about each one is a must.

Driver – The first one is the driver. It has a titanium-based 460cc driver, known for its big head. Once you get hold of this driver from this Callaway Women Golf Set, your golf balls will literally fly!

It has an amazing sweet spot, which will not make you miss the center at all. If you have a fast swing speed, this driver is the one to watch out for.

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Hybrid or the fairway wood – This Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Set comprises of the 3-wood with a 15.5-degree loft with 42.5 shafts. The head size is normal but way smaller than the driver. For some players, this 3-wood might be the hardest club right in this pack.

Irons – In case you are playing inside 100 and 150 yards, you better get hold of the iron, and this Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Set has just the right one for you.

The perfect set of irons in this pack is easy to control and has a promising feel to them. There you have a total of 5 irons in your bag, which will start with six iron and leading to pitching wedge.

The irons of Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Set will have stainless steel shafts to them for maximum distance and high precision rate. The expanded sweet spot works as an added bonus to help you mishit the shot and get the right distance covered.

Callaway Women Golf Club Set

Putter – Once you check out the Callaway Women Golf Set Review, you will find some good points regarding the putter of this set. The mallet head putter is known for its promising size and some weight right at the bottom.

That makes it easier to take complete control over the ball and present it a good feel. The putter head of the best golf clubs for beginners will have a lining to it, to help you line up the golf ball correctly. It happens to be 35 inches long, making it perfect for most golfers.

The golf bag – The Callaway Strata Golf Set Review doesn’t only talk about the irons and putter in this set, but also the golf bag which comes with it. When compared to some of the newer bags in here, this one, in particular, seems a bit heavier and a bit heavy too.

So, keep that point in mind while using it. However, for any average person, carrying this bag around with the best golf clubs for beginners in it is not a tedious task.

The major features to consider – Now, going through the points might have helped you select this set of beginner golf clubs to be your ultimate choice. However, before you make the final decision, let’s not forget to check out the features this golf set holds.

beginner golf set

The 12-Piece Set – This is a 12-piece set, which will help golfers play the perfect round with it. The set has its 3-wood, driver, 6 to 9 irons, 5-hybrid, putter, pitching wedge, two head covers, and a stand bag.

This particular set of beginner golf clubs has everything that you might need for those long-ranging attacks. It can easily work well for the shorter games as well.

Another significant feature got to be the 460cc driver of this best beginner golf clubs set. It is known for its larger sweet spot, as mentioned already, which helps the golfers to crush the ball easily.

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The Perfectly Oversized Head – The fairway wood happens to have an oversized head as well, to offer players with forgiving control on the shorter grass. Now, you don’t have to rely on the long irons as the best beginner golf clubs have hybrid wood to help you get more control over the medium distance shots.

Then you have the pitching wedge and short irons of this starter golf club, designed to offer perfect precision and ultimate control, thanks to its stainless steel body. 

The putter is known for its mallet design, with the ultimate alignment marks to them. These parts of the starter golf club set will help you navigate the greens thoroughly.

beginner golf set

  • It comes with a light weighted bag.
  • It has a larger driver head.
  • It is known for easy control of the fairway woods.
  • The golf set is known for its premium construction.
  • It is not only fit for the amateurs but for the beginners as well.
  • After going through lots of practice, the club sets might grow out of it.
  • The head of the clubs can be a bit fragile when compared to other sets.

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The Final Verdict

It is known to be one of the perfect golf set for the beginners, who take golf sessions casually. It is a great set to learn the magic of golf. You can give it a try if you want to direct your game with a professional golf set.

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