Duffer 5×5 Golf Practice Mat Indoor Outdoor Heavy Duty Use Nylon Turf Commercial Pad Mat for Chipping and Driving at Home is Our Standard Driving Range Mat Quality 5×5 Hit All Your Clubs

Price: $299.99
(as of Sep 22,2021 14:50:43 UTC – Details)

Commercial Quality Golf Practice Mat – now available for backyard use. * Large enough to hit all clubs from SW to Driver ….. (this applies to all sizes the 5′ dimension is needed for driver) * 1.25″ Total Thickness * Special Nylon Turf with UV resistant Additive for longer wear * 5/8″ Foam Pad for extra cushioning Duffer Golf Mats manufactured by J.R. Mats Inc. 100% quality crafted in the USA. Mats come with a free bonus Friction-Fit tee that can hold a real wooden tee as well as our new Adjustable Range Mat Tee that allows you to change your tee heights. The 5×5 size is the same size that most driving ranges use – so they can rotate the mats ans use all 4 sides for longer wear. Great for your backyard or home golf space. Use every club in your bag and practice your all important chip and pitch shots in your own backyard. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Buy direct from the manufacturer (J.R. Mats, Inc) and save.

Commercial Quality Golf mat 5 x 5
5/8″ Foam Pad for extra cushioning (buyer beware of ne pad orwhite 5mm / 1/4″ pad)
1.25″ Total Thickness
Indoor/outdoor construction (most driving ranges leave them out 24/7/365)
Special Nylon Turf with UV resistant Additive for longer wear

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