Fingerprints Junior Golf F38 Club for Kids 38″-45″ Tall (~Age 4-7)

Price: $39.95
(as of Jun 20,2021 19:38:17 UTC – Details)

The F38 is the perfect first club to introduce kids 38”-45” tall to golf. This pitching wedge has the look and feel of a professional quality adult club but with a light perimeter weighted design to help new golfers make consistent contact, elevate the golf ball, and quickly develop a love for golf. The patented Fingerprints Golf Grip provides an intuitive easy to follow guide to the proper golf grip without a bulky molded training grip. This will allow a smoother transition to their first set of golf clubs. We recommend taking the F38 to the range or your favorite golf course for a round with Mom and Dad. We are confident that once your favorite junior golfer graduates to their first full set of clubs they will want to keep their trusty Fingerprints Pitching Wedge in their Bag.

Perfect First Club for Kids 38″-45″ Tall
Patented Fingerprints Golf Grip provides easy to follow guide to proper grip
Light Perimeter Weighted Design with Composite Shaft
25″ long Pitching Wedge with 46 degree loft

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