Golf Wedge Sand Pitching Chipping for Men Right Hand Legal for Tournament Play Quickly Cuts Strokes from Your Short Game

Price: $88.66
(as of Jun 15,2021 22:14:55 UTC – Details)

This Is An Excellent Golf Sand Wedge. It Can Be Used In The Sandpit And In The Long Grass Area. It Can Better Chip The Ball And Make The Ball More Backspin. Because There Are Many Nonslip Patterns And The Barbed On The Hitting Face.  , Oversized Hitting Face, So That The Sweet Area Is More, Which Will Make The Playing Game Error Rate Lower, Its Loft Has 50 52 54 56 58 60 Different Angles. There Are Three Weight Screws At The Bottom, This Makes The Center Of Gravity Of The Lower .So That When We Swing, We Are More Stable.
FUNCTION AND USAGE: This is a sand wedge that can stop the ball on the green and fairway immediately because it has a special hitting face and design.
FEATURES: The golf sand wedge is forged and carved repeatedly by CNC. The multi-directional groove is used on the golf wedge, and the optimized texture structure of the golf wedge can increase the ball backspin to help to improve the control force and accuracy. The material of the pole head is soft and beatable, the low center of gravity design is easier to control, the fault-tolerant rate is high, and the swing balance is about D2, which improves the stability and accuracy of golf playing game
DESIGN: The golf wedge head adopts improved streamlined design, reduces resistance, has a super-large sweet zone, the wide strike hit face, can reduce the number of hit errors. High precision grooves and mirror polishing can perform well under dry or wet conditions, even under various topographic conditions. The flat bottom is slightly thinner to the toe, when the player opens the clubface to hit the ball, it can reduce sidespin, control each stroke
SPECIFICATION: The golf wedge loft is 50-52-54-56-58-60, the length of 52-52 is 35.5 inches 50 degrees, the bounce angle of 52-52 is 7 degrees, the bounce angle of 52 degrees is 10 degree, the total length of 54-56 degree is 35.25 inch. The bounce angle of 58-60 is 12 degrees, and the total length of 58-60 is 35 inches. They are all 10-degree bounce angle, the lie angle is 63.5 degrees. swing weight is all D2
AFTER-SALES SERVICE: The golf wedge head is forged from 1020 steel, and then finely pecked out the impact hit face and main part by CNC. The exquisite workmanship ensures higher quality. We will do two years of after-sales maintenance for each product sold

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