KAEDE Fly Golf Ball 2-Piece Distance Golf Balls Mixed Pink White Colored (One Dozen) for Men Women Ladies Junior

Price: $25.00
(as of Jul 28,2021 10:58:47 UTC – Details)

Take your golf game to the next level with the KAEDE golf balls. This pack of 12 golf balls offers an amazing value that is paired with exceptional performance on the fairway so you can better improve your game. While most golf balls on the market have plain old round dimples, KAEDE balls have a radical new dimple design. KAEDE comes from the Japanese word for maple. Therefore, our golf balls also feature a maple shaped dimple pattern. This pattern was developed in collaboration with aerodynamics experts from Japan to ensure it performs optimally on the golf course. The unique Kaede dimple pattern deflects the air at an angle that reduces the air resistance around the ball during its flight. This deflection results in drag being reduced by up to 18%. Less drag means your shots go farther up the range with every swing. These golf balls have a soft feeling when they strike with your clubs. They give an enhanced feeling with every drive while also giving you increased greenside control. It grabs the greens very effectively while also feeling nice off the putter. These golf balls are sure to make your next trip to the golf course more enjoyable. Each ball has a two-layer design with an outer wool coating for a smoother and longer flight. These KAEDE Fly balls are non-conforming and ideal for use by any amateur and hobby golfer. The balls also have a patented dual-color design that makes your golf ball stand out from all the other boring white balls. Get a set for yourself or for any golf enthusiast as they make for a thoughtful gift as well. Get a longer shot with KAEDE distance golf balls. Add to cart today!

INNOVATIVE DIMPLE PATTERN – Created with the help of aerodynamicists from Japan, our golf balls are the first in the world to feature a revolutionary dimple pattern on the surface that mimics the shape of maple leaves. KAEDE is the Japanese word for maple
DUAL LAYER DESIGN – Each KAEDE golf ball features a dual layer construction. Premium quality outer wool coating ensures a smoother flight for achieving extra ordinary distance. These golf balls for men and everyone are non-conforming and ideal for any amateur golfer
SOFT FEEL – These soft golf balls have such a cover formulation that gives you an enhanced soft feel. Get amazing long distance shots with a consistent flight in every drive. Grabs the green very efficiently so you can enjoy drop and stop short game control
TWIN COLOR – Stand out from others at the golf course. KAEDE golf balls soft have a patented double color scheme that makes them unique from regular white golf balls. Easily identify your ball against the green grass making them easy to find and spot
NO-RISK – We offer a total satisfaction guarantee on all our products. We’ll refund 100% of your purchase price if you don’t love it for ANY reason

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