MAZEL Golf Club Set [The Professional Golf Club Set]

MAZEL Golf Club Set

Defined as one of the most cost-effective options in this market and one of the best starter golf club sets this single length iron set from Mazel is a sure winner for many. However, honestly speaking, these irons might not seem to be properly designed for any single length shaft as these look more or less the same as the standard iron set.

So, the carry distances remain pretty short, and the gaps remain inconsistent. When you first pick up the MAZEL Golf Club Set, you will be amazed at how light the clubs are. The second thing to notice is the small grips that come with the club.

Even though there is a standard size for the grips, but here the diameter remains around 1/16th smaller than the standard option. So, for players with a small hand, these golf clubs for beginners are perfect!

MAZEL Golf Club Set Extraordinary Features

MAZEL Golf Club Set Review

Sturdy graphite shaft length – This MAZEL Golf Club Set can help simplify your game like never before. It comes with a 100% graphite shaft length of around 37.5 inches.

It will offer the same swing weight and that amazing consistent feel for all the shots. It is easier to enhance the golfer’s performance rate. This set is perfect for professional and junior players.

The irons you will get in this golf set can directly compared with the TaylorMade P760 Irons, which is one of the most premium and of course the best golf irons to date.

Introduction of 431 stainless steel irons – To top it all, you can’t ignore the 431 stainless steel irons that complete the MAZEL Golf Club Set. These irons are perfect combinations of larger sweet spots, which eventually help in improving accuracy.

Now you can hit the ball to cover the further distance with ease. This set comprises of 9 pieces in total, which are from 4 to 9, AW, PW and SW. Moreover, the lower center of gravity will furthermore help you to get the ball flying straight and for a long time with extra speed on every shot.

Thanks to the high performing rubber grip, but you will enjoy a good feel of holding the club. It comes with shock absorption and anti-slip characteristics.

All the items you will get in the club are just superb in terms of quality and of course the premiumness as well. You can easily get a feel of playing with Wilson Ultra Golf Set with this amazingly superb golf starter club.

MAZEL Golf Club Iron Set

The attractive look of the club set – So, you have finally made plans to purchase MAZEL Golf Club Set. Well, good for you! But first, you better check out some of the major features this set holds, just to help you make the right decision in the end.

The overall look of the MAZEL Golf Club Set seems nice with a deeper blue section frame of the Mazel logo. The club head’s remaining portion comprises of a perfect combination of matte silver finish and a shiny silver glaze to the body.

The MAZEL Golf Club Set Review talks about the design in detail. The club head’s design remains consistent from high irons to 6-iron. But, it will start to change from cavity back to the muscle back for the 4 and 5 irons.

Here, the main goal is to help the golfers get the balls as high as possible while using the longer irons. And you will experience the best ever momentum same as the most premium golf irons like TaylorMade P790 Irons Set and other expensive irons as well.

MAZEL Golf Club Irons Set

Solid grip for better play – The grips of this MAZEL Golf Club Iron Setare black in color with silver accents. The shafts are pretty flexible, which can be pretty good for some new players. However, this same feature might make it hard for some players to hit the ball out of the face’s center.

However, the gaps in this set, according to a MAZEL Golf Club Set Review, remains inconsistent and will vary from one club to another. It becomes tough for some players to find the middle of the club’s face because of the shaft’s flexibility. But, they can get the chance to hit the balls hard with every club on the indoor simulator.

The length of the clubs – The club-lengths of the single length irons from this MAZEL Golf Club Iron Set will be at 37.5 inches. The MAZEL lofts will remain more or less identical to any typical iron set from club to club. That makes this MAZEL Golf Club Iron Set different from most of the single length sets. That’s why carry distances of these clubs remain short.

The longer shafts of this MAZEL Golf Club Iron Set will help to hit the ball farther away. On the other hand, with the same loft but a shorter shaft, the results will be less distance.

The one length of such golf clubs for beginners will give rise to repeatable and easier swing. Golfers can feel the consistent and steady feel with every hit they make.

Moreover, you just need to train your brain to get one swing only and then enjoy the game completely. Golfers get the chance to enhance ball striking with such best starter golf clubs. They can further gain confidence and comfort through singular length irons.

These best starter golf clubs are perfect for those players, looking for more consistency from the iron game. The one-length irons from MAZEL will cover such needs well.

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  • The 4, 5, and 6 irons are now a lot straighter in this beginner golf club set than what they were before.
  • You can always enjoy improved accuracy and performance with this set.
  • To top it all, the large sweet spot forms another major point of consideration here.
  • The lower gravity center of this beginner golf club set makes it easier to ensure perfect launch every time.
  • The nine irons in this set are pretty easy to hit, even for the novices.
  • Then you have the high performing and shock-absorbing grip of the clubs from here.
  • The nine pieces of this set will provide to be suitable for any level. So you will find a suitable one in these best golf clubs for beginners anytime.


  • Just like with all the other sets from MAZEL, the harsh sound is what gives this set also a negative point.

The Final Verdict

best starter golf clubs

This Mazel Golf Club Set is pretty affordable and can be procured from reliable online stores. Even though there are various options in terms of single length irons, but this set from MAZE has its stronghold even now.

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