Mooju Golf Mat Tees [Pack of 10] – Practice Golf Tees Perfect for Winter Turf and Driving Range – Indoor Tee Claw – Golf Simulator Tees

Price: $14.50
(as of Sep 22,2021 14:20:07 UTC – Details)

Want a Reusable and Durable Golf Tee for All Golfing Conditions? Tired of regular wooden tees that snap on impact, or plastic tees that fly into long grass and end up lost? Golf is a hard enough game as it is. But imagine how much more consistent your swing would be if you could place the ball the exact same height for every shot off the tee. Well now you can. Order a pack of 10 tees today and you’ll receive 10 tall tees for your drives shots. Not only that, our tees don’t fly away after every strike. Golf can be a dangerous sport if your tee flies out onto the driving range or into hazards from elevated tee boxes. This also means you can work on your game using a golf simulator and not have to worry about damaging the simulator screen. Play or Practice in All Conditions: Indoor, Winter, on the Driving Range, or Out on the Course Say ‘goodbye’ to plastic tees that leave colored streaks on your ball. Say ‘goodbye’ to forcing tee pegs into frozen turf or rock-solid mats during the winter. Say ‘goodbye’ to having to push a rubber tee through the bottom of the mat at the driving range. Our tees provide enough stability to allow the ball to sit up straight without giving resistance at impact that reduces your clubhead speed. Now it’s your turn to experience golf shots that fly far using a tee peg that doesn’t.
✅ ENJOY EXTRA YARDS ON YOUR DRIVER: Want 5 more yards tees? Mooju tees reduce resistance on the clubface at impact. Our tall golf tees help you tee the ball higher for a better launch angle and longer drives.
✅ CONSISTENT TEE HEIGHT FOR MORE REPEATABLE SWINGS & SOLID IRON TEE SHOES: Combine pack includes 5 tall and 5 mini tees that guarantee the ball sits at the exact same height on every iron shot off the tee.
✅ SAFE TO USE ON ALL GOLF SIMULATORS: Compatible with Skytrack. Mooju pro tees allow you to tee up the ball anywhere on the golf mat. Their yellow color helps the golf simulator pick up the ball flight. These lightweight tees will not damage the simulator screen.
✅ SUITABLE FOR JUNIOR, SENIOR AND FEMALE GOLFERS: These indoor golf tees are easy to use – kids can tee up the ball and hit shots without supervision. These practice golf tees don’t require senior golfers to push tees into hard ground on the tee box.

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