NYDZDM Golf Practice Mat Golf Training Turf Mat Golf Driving Range Mat for Backyard Indoor Office Practice Blanket Suit

Price: $625.98
(as of Jul 28,2021 11:48:07 UTC – Details)

Today, golf has become synonymous with aristocratic sports, and a good golf mat is very important.
The multi-functional pad can simulate the hitting environment of different hitting balls, which is practical and easy to carry.
Product Name: Golf Mat
Golf practice mat material: high elastic back glue, four color simulation grass
Size: 4cm long grass, 1cm short grass
Golf mat size: 50 * 300cm, 75 * 300cm
Golf mat color: green
Uses: rewards commemorative, advertising promotions, anniversary celebrations, trade fairs, employee benefits
Applicable places: This is a portable golf mat that can be used in the back garden, indoor, outdoor, living room, balcony, office, hotel or bring to the driving place
This product only sells golf mats and does not contain other merchandise.

The golf mat has superior anti-strike, anti-aging and effectively cushions the impact of the club.
This golf practice mat can be used for all types of golf shots – cutting, driving, etc…
The golf mat does not take up too much space and can be played anywhere in the living room, balcony, office, conference room, outdoor, garden, etc.
Golf mat size: 50 * 300cm, 75 * 300cm.
The golf mat is made of artificial grass, has a long service life, does not drop grass, can be folded freely, and is easy to store.

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