PROADVANCED ProInfinity Putting Mat – 4 Speed Golf Green Simulator – Giftbox Package – for Training – for Family – for Party

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Whether you are a casual or a professional golfer, The PRO-INFINITY Putting Mat is the best solution for your Indoor/Outdoor putting practice. This advanced putting green provides 4 different putting speeds and 12 accessories for you to choose from. We also prepared a detailed training book that can guide you through all the professional training methods. The ball rolls true and leaves a trail on the mat which gives you INSTANT ACCURATE VISUAL FEEDBACK. With these advanced training exercises & games, you will have fun developing your short game so that you lower your golf scores and enjoy more success. We brought the ProInfinity mat to the market in 2014 and it has been there for 6 years. Being imitated by many, but surpassed by nobody! Because we all know how good it feels when that ball gets into the hole.

what's new

what's new

4 speed

4 speed





What’s New!

Single-Entry Metal Golf Hole-Basket-Goal for different putting angles to enhance your Direction Control skills. Two Multi-angle Slope Creators, with 5 changeable slope types, allow you to custom your green in any way you like! The large Slope Creator can also be used a ball-return backstop which can make your exercise much more efficient.

4 Different Stimp Speeds & Putt Tracing

The 4 speeds vary from 8 (typical green speeds) to 12.5 (Masters Tournament green speeds). Different speed depends on which direction the fiber surface has been brushed with the supplied mat roller. With our special fiber material, you will get instant results of improvement in your putting skills. The ball will leave a trail on the mat and this allows you to get immediate visual feedback.

Infinity Ways of Play

We provide up to 12 different accessories for you to build unlimited rules and games! Including Movable Foam Wedges, Silicon Hole Cup, ProFree Hole-Basket-Goal, Slope Creators and more. Follow the training book or just let go of your imagination and build your own and unique greens!

Outstanding Party Design

ProInfinity Putting Mat introduces competition and game concepts. We developed 7 game modes that allow the interaction between 1 to 4 players simultaneously. Everybody can gain immense pleasure from such a design.

mat specialmat special

How does Pro-Infinity help you to win, lower your scores, and develop your skills?

● 4 Different green speeds —- Easily adjust putting mat for different Stimp speeds from 8 to 12.5. Help you adapt to any course environmen.

● Distance control —- 25 Training Bands with Distance Mark and 45 Tee Points help you to make “precision-guided” putting.

● Putt Tracer —- Allows you to get immediate visual feedback of your golf ball.

● Stroke Guide —- Reference guide to ensure proper alignment, and help train an accelerating stroke.

● Quality Materials and Construction —- Produced with Top Level Degradable environmentlly friendly materials, passed international quality inspection.

● Infinity Ways of Play —- We provide up to 12 different accessories for you to build unlimited rules and games!



The most cost-effective solution for family and company indoor/outdoor parties or team building events. Within the Guide Book, we designed 7 different single/multi-player games and there are even more game modes under-development. Through the team cooperation, members can further understand each other, enhance mutual trust, gives scope to their own specialties and advantages, and great morale boost.


Package Includes:

1x Four Speed Putting Mat With Ball Tracing System

6x Movable Foam Wedges

1x Silicon Hole Cup

1x ProFree Metal Hole-Basket-Goal

2x Slope Creators (1 Large & 1 Small)

1x Ball Backstop

1x Ball Trace Eraser Brush Bar

1x Training & Games Book

Top-Level Quality Materials + Intelligent Designs + Best Customer Servic = Your 100% Satisfactio

The reason why we could update this product every year is that we listen to all kinds of users’ ideas, no matter how big or trivial they are. They bring us power and advise us sincerely so we can’t and will never stop moving forward! If you meet any quality issues, please contact our customer servic via email or Facebook messenger ASAP. We will do our best to solve your problem right away.


Review from golfer:

“I chose this mat on the recommendation of my PGA pro. He said it is top quality, smooth and consistent. He was right! I can see it’s starting to help me with distance control so I have fewer 3 putts. The mat has different speeds for variety, and other tools to change the slope. It’s far better than anything else I’ve tried. Great product!”

UNIQUE DESIGNS – The Brand-New Metal Golf Goal and Slope Simulators bring 3X value and experience. You can create your Own and Unique Green in INFINITY Ways! ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS – Choose from 4 Stimp tested speeds ranging from 8-12.5 on one indoor putting green!
VISIBLE BALL TRACES – Analyze and Correct Your Putt with Visible Ball Traces. Perfect Your Alignment and Acceleration with Stroke Guide Line.! PROFESSIONAL TRAINING – Perfect Your Distance and Direction Control with 25 Training Bands. By following the 20 pages guide book written by our professional golf coach, you can quickly improve your putting skills to master level.
COMPETITIVE & FUN – The most cost-effective solution for family and company indoor/outdoor party or team building event. It can easily boost the party atmosphere and get everyone engaged!
SUPERIOR QUALITY – ProInfinity Putting Green is made with Top Level Polyester Material and 100% Eco-friendly(Totally safe for kids and pets). The durable backing material that guarantees the mat unrolls flat and rolls up smooth all the time with long-lasting durability.
UNCOMPARABLE PRICE & ENHANCED SERVICE – With so many newly added features and accessories, we still keep the same price for our customers. We are also improving our customer service to guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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