SMARTGOLF AI Home Swing Trainer and Simulator with Smart Club

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Product Description

smartgolf main imagesmartgolf main image

Bringing Professional & Scientific Golf Training to your Home

Designed in San Jose, CA, SmartGolf AI Home Swing Trainer offers professional level swing analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Smart CLUB + AI Analyzer APP : ONE Smart Club for all of your golf swing practices.
Built in Sensor + Live Swing Analysis : 9-AXIS GYRO that captures your exact swing & APP connection providing precise analysis of your swing (via Bluetooth)
AI algorithms for Golf Swings : AI based algorithms that that provide accurate swing trajectory analysis and coaching tips

For those who

Crave for a swing analyzer that actually WORKS.
Need accurate swing analysis that provide academy/clinic level guidance
Practice golf swings indoors (at home)

smartgolf main clubsmartgolf main club

Designed for INDOOR Swing Practice

Length : 28.7 inches (Leather Strap : 14.5 inches)
Width : 1.3 inches
Weight : 15.8 ounces (0.9 pound)

Smart Grip Button and Power ButtonSmart Grip Button and Power Button

Smart Grip

The Grip of the SmartClub is with main functions that are vital to your SmartGolf home experience.

Power Button (Turn ON/OFF)
Vibrating Corrections (Vibrates to notify the ‘right’ address angle and position)
Vibrate ONCE for right impact, TWICE to indicate wrong impact
Lightly vibrates at impact phase

Swing Button (Press the button to commence swing analysis)

The Smart LED at the head of the club indicates vital states of your swing.



smartgolf led red

smartgolf led red

smartgolf ledl blue

smartgolf ledl blue


Power ON
APP Connection (Connected)


Start Swinging (Indicator Cue)
Incorrect Swing


During Swinging (Indicator)
Correct Swing / Right Impact

smartgolf app mainsmartgolf app main

The SmartGolf AI Analyzer & Simulator APP

Available on both ANDROID and iOS devices.

With Bluetooth turned on your mobile device (Smart Phone, Tablet) open the ‘SmartGolf AI Analyzer’ APP’SmartGolf AI Analyzer’ App can be found and installed via Google Play Store and Apple App Store
Connect through the APP’s club connection settings

general swing analysis

general swing analysis

smartgolf app smash factor analysis

smartgolf app smash factor analysis

smartgolf ai analysis

smartgolf ai analysis

Speed, Impact, Face/Pass Angle

The swing dashboard shows the general information on the swing such as the SPEED, PATH/FACE angle, SPIN LOFT, TEMPO, BALL TRAVEL DISTANCE.
Detailed angle panel visualizes the Face and Pass angles during the impact phase of the swing.
The speed graph panel visualizes the speed alterations throughout the swing including the exact speed at impact point.

Smash Factor, Swing Tempo

The blue marker indicates the exact point of impact during impact. analyze the impact point for a stronger swing.
Analysis on the back and down swing indicating the tempo ratio.
The tempo analysis compares the user’s swing to that of a professional player.

Swing Trajectory, AI Coach

Track the distance and the trajectory of the ball. Visualize the accumulated swing trajectory for comparison.
Learn more about the swing section through the AI’s decision.
The AI recommendation is based on Machine Learning algorithms providing the best & adequate indications on your swing.

smartgolf leather strapsmartgolf leather strap

The ‘Smart’ Leather Strap (14.5 inches)

Alongside the AI analysis of your swing from the APP, the leather strap attached to the head of the club complements your indoor swing training.

The leather strap is stretched out during the swing making it easier to physically track your swing trajectory. The strap amplifies the sound of your swing making swing practice more dynamic.
As the common indoor swing trainer is shorter than an actual club, it’s quite hard to track and improve your impact point.
The strap complements the short length of the club and adds inches to the club as it is extended during the swing
Thus, you can feel and see your impact point with the leather strap as it is stretched to its maximum length due to wind resistance.

The leather strap is a physical complement to your SmartGolf Swing Practice Experience.

AI analyze your swing with the SmartGolf AI app, the patented leather strap attached to the head of the club complements your indoor swing training.

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