TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set [Professional’s Choice]

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set

The question changes every time, ‘How to Buy Best Golf Irons?’ changes. But, ever since TaylorMade launched their original M2 iron set, it has become the most popular answer to this question.

Golfers looking for the perfect golf swing plane have all been very impressed by TaylorMade’s Golf M2 Iron Set. The M2 irons feature a completely new design compared to TaylorMade’s previous series. The most common compliment the M2 Iron Set Receives is that players get least ten extra yards per iron.

In fact, all of TaylorMade’s clubs in their ‘M’ series have outperformed impressive clubs from other series such as the TaylorMade P760 Irons. The M series clubs are the bestselling in the market.

The standout qualities of these clubs include distance and forgiveness. Hence, these irons with a much smaller profile than the famous TaylorMade P790 Irons Set are attracting both semi-professional and recreational players.

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set [Features and Technologies]

TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set Review

Distance Irons – TheTaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set may be a bit smaller, but they’re still proper distance irons. Golfers can easily hit the ball to further distances thanks to the club’s unique weighting design. The balls always fly in an upward trajectory. The large cavity backs ensure maximum forgiveness.

The TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set also comes with face slots. They enable the clubhead to be extra forgiving. Even if players mishit their shot, the ball speed is still decent thanks to this face slot technology.

New Face Slot Technology – It’s the first time a TaylorMade Golf M2 Golf Iron Set comes with the Face Slot technology. In previous versions of the model, adding Face Slots increased the clubhead’s center of gravity. But, new design features ensure that the Face Slots don’t interfere with the clubhead’s CG or its trajectory.

To add the newly designed Face Slot technology, the clubhead’s topline has been made thinner. That’s why at first glance, the TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set looks as if it has a shallow design. Even the club’s hosel is thin. All of these design features enable the face slots to perform efficiently, while golfers get to maintain ball height.

Thanks to the Face Slots, golfers can strike the TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set at both the heel and the toe and expect consistently high ball speeds.

The deeper Speed Pocket combines with the Face Slots to deliver a steady shot pattern. Recreational players who keep missing the middle will still be able to gain extra yards on their mishits thanks to this combination.

Just because of the premium quality and the high-end engineering, this iron becomes a tough competitor to the TaylorMade P760 Irons that is one of the most premium products of TaylorMade.’

TaylorMade M2 Iron Set

Thin Speed Pocket – For most golfers’ high ball speed is the number one priority. So, this TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set Review wouldn’t be complete without a detailed look at this model’s super-thin Speed Pocket.

The speed pockets are located in the club’s sole. Due to this thin design, the face of the clubs can be larger. With this increase in size, the face of the club flexes very efficiently upon impact.

Hence, fastball speed is guaranteed. Seasoned players can easily achieve mesmerizing ball speed even with mishit shots. These super-thin speed pockets boost the club’s distance and forgiveness.

Fluted Hosel – The fluted hosel design was first seen in the 2016 version of the TaylorMade Golf M2 Golf Iron Set. The newer model (2017) is even thinner. It reduces the hosel’s weight by 5 grams. It is one of the thinnest in the market. The new and thinner hosel has only six wider sections

With these super-light hosels, you can boost your swing speed. The club’s CG is lowered due to the hosel’s lightness. Without this super-thin fluted hosel design, the face slot feature wouldn’t be as effective.

Cast Steel Design – TaylorMade’s M2 Irons aren’t forged – they’re made of cast steel. This cast iron design makes these clubs extremely durable. The cast-iron design has been improved in the latest model to make sure that they feel and sound of the clubs are just as responsive as forged models.

You can also get additional graphite shafts with these clubs. These shafts might cost a bit more, but the increased swing efficiency makes them worth the investment. The graphite shafts are available in L, A, R, and S flexes.

TaylorMade M2 Iron Set Review

Strong Lofts – Being proper long-distance irons, the TaylorMade Golf M2 Golf Iron Set feature very strong lofts. These strong lofts don’t affect the club’s length.

But, the increase in strength does impact the loft’s degrees. For instance, despite the loft’s measurements being just 43.5’’ (quite low compared to other pitching wedges), players can still launch the ball high in the air.

The aim of adding these stronger lifts is to produce even faster ball speeds. Plus, the center of gravity drops to ensure high flights. Distance isn’t the first quality professional golfers look for in their irons. But, for amateurs, covering long distances is very important. So, these stronger lofts qualify these clubs as ‘game improvement irons.’

Achieve consistent ball speeds across the club’s face. The face can flex more efficiently. These qualities add up to make it easy for the player to swing the clubs through the turf.

Even with long-distance shots, not control is lost. The TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set is equally as efficient at shot-stopping control. After players get used to these stronger lofts, they can easily improve their ball placement skills.

If you are really serious about your game and passion, then you can go for this premium iron set without any doubt in your mind, and you will never need to search for How To Buy Best Golf Irons? Because you will have the best product in your golf club.

TaylorMade M2 Irons Set

Sound – TheTaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set has a cavity back irons. However, they don’t create dull or muted sounds. In fact, even the Face Slot feature doesn’t make the produced sound dull. Thanks to the new rib design, the sounds are very good.

The new rib design has been carefully placed on these clubs. They may look random, but they’re there to optimize the sound. These ribs also improve the feel of the clubs. Of course, any club with a cavity back and Face Slots will produce some dull sounds. But, most of the dull sounds are low-volume. Instead, with proper strikes, you get the classic TaylorMade sound.

Feel – Previous models of the M2 irons were non-slotted. The 2016 version was the first slotted irons, so there were understandably some doubts about their feelings. However, the latest 2017 version of these slotted irons clears all doubts. As you browse through the latest M2 set, you’ll spot increasing offsets and head sizes. These two features make it easier to hit the ball, giving the clubs a great feel.

The feel of the club is explosive and quite similar to other powerful clubs in this price range. Since this latest model has a big face, you’ll feel as if you’re using a hybrid! Another detail that vastly improves the feel of the clubs in the light hosel. Due to this, even the strikes on medium-sized heads feel strong and solid.

Plus, the ribs on the cavity have been carefully positioned to add stiffness to the club’s face. This model has been successful at improving feel without reducing the club’s operational efficiency. Neither the Face Slot technology nor the super-thin speed pockets diminish the club’s overall feel.

Perfect Golf Swing Plane

Overall Performance – Even in 2020, the TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set is the best club in the market in terms of ease of hitting. The club has an intrinsic spring-like feel on its face. Players will get sufficient feedback on their strikes. The sound is very traditional, making the hitting experience extremely pleasant.

These clubs are built to send the ball for long distances. The lofts are super strong. The club still manages to offer heights that are as good as traditional lofted iron clubs. So, now you are all set for the Perfect Golf Swing Plane with this highly improved golf iron.


This one of the longest-distance-focused clubs in the market. Even mishits produce amazing distances.

  • Very forgiving, even when you hit long-distance shots.
  • Offers consistent ball speeds.
  • Reach amazing heights consistently, irrespective of which part of the face you strike.
  • Appealing look, far better than previous models. The chrome finish features a traditional and classy look.
  • High-tech design features such as Face Slots and carefully positioned cavity ribs
  • Use these clubs for a long time. This durability makes this set cost-efficient.
  • The transition from non-slotted clubs to these slotted irons with ease. The entire set is very easy to use.
  • Explosive feel


  • Only offers mid/low spin. Hence, stopping power is reduced when you strike the mid and long irons.
  • Amateurs can have a problem adjusting the height of their strikes. The ball may travel too high. But, this issue resolves itself as players improve their swing control.
  • The Face Slot technology may produce some muted sounds upon impact.
  • The feedback isn’t perfect as some mishit strikes produce muted sounds.

The Final Verdict

How To Buy Best Golf Irons

Semi-pros or beginners looking for a durable set of irons will love the TaylorMade Golf M2 Iron Set. At first, the club’s extremely low center of gravity may feel odd. But, as you give used to the club’s large face, you’ll be able to hit long-distance strikes with much better ball control.

This set of irons is one of the best in the market. You get a lot of innovative features. But, the set still retains the traditional look, feel, and appeal.

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