TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti [Most Premium Golf Iron]

TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti

A chunk of technology in golf equipment has come, which requires golfers to get some assistance to make the most of the next purchase. Undoubtedly, irons make up the most as far as improving the game is concerned.

You may come across different types of irons with varied features and specifications, so a thorough review can speed your decision.

The TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti gets its name from a special kind of titanium with a higher weight to strength ratio, which implies that the faces may become streamlined to enhance the speed of the ball and reduce the weight while maintaining its durability.

As far as the looks are concerned TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti Review reveals that it comes with a wide sole, thick topline, longer blade length, and more offset from heel to toe. Moreover, the finish of the iron is less reflective.

The TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti is different from the modern irons like TaylorMade p760 Golf Iron, and the p790 as the head is entirely made from titanium. Even if it is not the first titanium iron from the brand but it is the first hollow-body titanium iron to consider.

TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti [The Detailed Review]

TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti Review

Body of the iron– The titanium body and machine blend to become an ultralight hollow-body iron design that delivers excellent distance and forgiveness.

Tungsten weighting – With extreme tungsten weighting lacked into the back bar of each option, the TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti allows a high launch option and spins trajectory to enhance the distance.

SpeedFoam – The light urethane foam injected into the head propels the design limits of the face speed, which helps in improving the feel.

Crafted with style – The TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti Review demonstrates that it comes after four years of research. With a meticulous design and a hollow titanium body, the unique point here is the insertion of tungsten.

Using advanced and high-quality materials, the irons deliver the high speed of the ball and ground-breaking distance.

Take your performance forward – To boost the performance package, you can pick between two of the hottest shafts of golf, the MCA MMT in graphite or NS Pro 950GH NEO, which is available in steel to meet the specifications.

Appearance – Whether in the address or the bag, the TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti is a lot different than the basic TaylorMade P790 Iron, although the major difference is in the bag.

While the basic version is crisp and clean, the titanium version comes with an aggressive approach. The matte finish is different from the rest and the notch present in the toe has a nice appeal.

When it comes to the address position, TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti Review demonstrates that the titanium version is entirely different from P790 as it comes with a longer blade and higher offset. On the other hand, the short height of the blade makes the toe appear rounded and makes the face appear larger than actual.

TaylorMade P790 Ti Golf Iron

Performance – The TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti Irons Set comes with a titanium construction and weighting, along with SpeedFoam inside the head, which gives the other brands a run for the money. The lofts are stronger and from the perspective of forgiveness, the longer blade and the wide sole certainly provide an advantage over the basic version.

Sound – While the look of TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti Irons Set is one of the unique factors to consider, but the sound is even more satisfying, although some people feel that it feels harder than usual and jarring as well.

The success of the basic P790 was due to the enthusiasm of premium irons that demonstrate a design that does not create a cost burden. It comes with a performance enhancement structure as far as the players’ style iron is concerned.

The construction of the iron demonstrates a classy appeal and what’s more appealing 0.5mm offset and the heads are 2mm longer, which makes it taller in the toe. The TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti is the best option for those players who require more forgiveness in the game.

The TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti is the latest launch coming from this brand and it seems that the company has considered the higher handicap players while designing this equipment, so it looks like the players’ iron.

Even if it comes with several features as the basic model, P790, the titanium head is what makes the latest version entirely different.

The tungsten weighting is clearly visible at the bottom part of the blade, and the clubhead, which stays locked into the back bar helps in launching the ball with a low rate of spin and a trajectory that provides maximum distance.

Premium version – TaylorMade had announced before that it will bring one of the top-grade irons in the market and the company claims that P790 Ti is the premium version iron it has ever created in the past.

The TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti Irons Set is the players’-iron as the shape reveals, but it also belongs to the category of game-improving option. The price category is appropriate for those golfers who are keen to enhance the performance.

The tungsten weighting has been added to the back bar of the iron head, weighing up to 119 gm, which helps in launching the ball higher and reduces the spinning of the ball flight for maximizing the distance.

The lightweight urethane SpeedFoam present in the hollow head provides an enhanced feel and increases the speed of the ball off the face.

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Speed Pocket – The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket helps in expanding the face area that becomes flexible at impact, enhancing the sweet spot, and generating a fastball speed during the process. You will find an additional Speed Pocket in the 8 iron, which provides more gapping throughout the TaylorMade Golf P790 Ti iron.

Standard and premium version – When compared with the standard version, P790, the titanium version has a longer blade length and face up to 2mm, an offset, which extends half a millimeter, along with the wider sole that lends it the extra forgiveness.

No wonder the features and technologies of the titanium version of P790 make it one of the most premium editions of irons adding to every golfer’s delight.

The TaylorMade P 760 Iron blends speed and distance benefits in one set. It is the players’ iron that provides a more compact option without sacrificing the sound and feel.

A thorough TaylorMade P 760 Iron Review reveals that it uses two different kinds of constructions in long and short irons and the progressive shape in the set.

While the 3-7 irons come with a hollow-body construction and forged 1025 carbon steel body for the soft feeling, a lighter face insert with Inverted Cone Technology or ICT, which lends it the speed and accuracy, the 8 iron set is different.

The 8 iron set of TaylorMade P 760 Iron comes with forged one-piece steel to create an exceptional feeling and boost the ability to make shots in the game.

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SpeedFoam – The SpeedFoam technology makes the clubface thinner and offers more support for generating faster speed and creates a consistent performance in the long and mid irons.

The head size, lofts, and offset come engineered with accuracy and meets the demands of better golfers. Besides, the redesigned structure of the sole comes with a leading-edge chamber to boost the turf interaction and instills the square look in the address.

The TaylorMade P 760 Iron Review does not fail to reveal that it is a suitable option for those golfers who require functionality and do not have much concern about the distance. Instead, this iron set is a better option for those players looking forward to forgiveness without sacrificing the functionality and feel.

The progressive design, SpeedFoam technology, and restructured solely contribute to the high-end design. The longer irons include a hollow cavity and a carbon steel body and a steel face, the short irons are made through forging one piece of solid steel.

For starters playing the game of golf, choosing appropriate clubs to help them learn the game better. The best starter golf clubs usually have large club faces and shorter shafts so that the ball can go up in the air with ease.

For beginners, using the best starter golf clubs is a good option as more balls can go on to the green, and eventually to the hole.

So, if you are learning how to play golf, the reviews of P790 with titanium and P760 can help in making better decisions.

Using the 14 clubs option on the golf course is permissible, but if you are learning how to play golf, it is better to rely on nine clubs. Both P790 Ti iron and P760 are good options for beginners and allow them to improve the game.

A better option is to try the new set of golf clubs you are buying; especially trying a few shots in the driving range of the professional stores can help you get a better grip.


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The P790 Ti iron is one of the best options, although the price may go a bit higher. From the ball flight, hollow head, and the SpeedFoam design, you can get the opportunity of an aggressive feel and a pleasant sound.

The P760, on the other hand, is a more consistent option and includes a nice feel, and the SpeedFoam technology provides good technical improvement. You can analyze the features and judge the current level of your play before investing in the set.

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