TaylorMade M4 Single Iron [The Professional’s Choice]

TaylorMade M4 Single Iron

Irons make up most of the clubs in the bags of golf players. Therefore, finding the right option can help in improving the game. The golf irons are part of the everyday game, covering all the shots, whether it is mid-range, short-range, or long-range.

A set usually contains six to eight irons and the design of the set aids in progression from the low-loft and long clubs to the high-loft shorter clubs.

As irons complement the game of golf, it is necessary to invest in a suitable set. The Taylormade M4 Single Iron comes with multiple features.

The Taylormade M4 Single Irons come with RibCOR Technology in which you will find two bars positioned outside the face slots on both sides.

The technology helps in enhancing the speed of the ball, especially on the top part of the face. Due to RibCOR technology, the perimeter of the head becomes firm, making way for the face to rebound and transfer a higher level of energy to the ball at impact.

TaylorMade M4 Single Iron Detailed Review

TaylorMade M4 Single Iron Review

Face Slots – The Taylormade M4 Single Iron Review demonstrates that there are large grooves on the clubface on both sides of the area of hitting, such as one towards the heel and the other towards the toe, which helps in making the game more flexible and enhancing the speed of the ball on both sides of the sweep spot.

Speed Pocket – The slot present at the bottom of the sole in the Taylormade M4 Single Iron also enhances the ball speed and flexibility. Besides, it also contributes to the forgiveness of the shots that hit the clubface low and a common area of mis-hit.

The Taylor made M4 Single Irons also includes a 360-degree undercut, a ridged hosel, and 1.5mm thickness, which helps in saving weight as it moves to the bottom part of the clubhead. With the versatile features, the launch and forgiveness also get a boost.

Stock information – The difference between M4 and M3 iron is that the former comes with a larger profile and robust lofts, contributing to the forgiveness and added distance.

Besides, the Taylormade M4 Single Iron includes a stock steel shaft is KBS Max 85 and Fujikura ATMOS Red refers to the stock graphite shaft. Finally, the stock grip is the TaylorMade Dual Feel.

TaylorMade M4 Golf Iron

Distance – The Taylormade M4 Single Iron Review also shows that it is larger than the predecessors, M2, and M3. The added distance can stay in the range of five to fifteen yards, depending on the iron.

Due to the addition of RibCOR technology, the Taylormade M4 Single Iron is longer than M2 and M3. Furthermore, the thinner and larger face, robust lofts, and lower spin also make the M4 iron longer than others.  

Forgiveness – As M4 lowers the rate of spin, it is highly forgiving at the same time. The extreme toe and heel are long and straight, which resembles a strike at the sweet spot.

The Taylor made M4 Single Irons flaunt outstanding performance in the toe. Similar to M3, the M4 produces highly impressive results that are low in the face.

Even if you strike the shot thin, it still yields an inspiring launch angle. For golfers who are eager to hone their skills in this area can look forward to the exclusive features.

Appearance – The Taylormade M4 Single Iron comes with a nice and clean look, which makes it deliver the propensity of game improvement. Therefore, the thick sole, big head, and top-line are some of the finest features lendings an impressive look.

The top line is not very thick, but the difference it reflects is in the offset, which is not very impressive.

Furthermore, the Taylormade M4 Single Iron Review also reveals the M4 logo in the red, blue, and white present on the carbon fiber of the crown. However, the placing of the logo often fails to make it stand out in the sunlight.

For the golfers looking forward to a stirring and extraordinary look, the Taylor made M4 Single Irons are the ideal option. The absence of an irritable thickness also makes it resemble the players’ iron.

Playability – The Taylormade M4 Single Iron comes with lofts that are stronger and more robust than M3, although the differences are stark when you check the features of M2 irons. However, the trajectory of M4 iron is exactly similar to M2.

While the considerable offset intends to assist the higher handicaps, the functionality may not be as strong, although the Taylormade M4 Single Iron contributes to game improvement.

TaylorMade M4 Golf Iron Review

Sound and feel – When it comes to managing the vibrations, the Taylor made M4 Single Irons can work much better, which is largely due to RibCOR technology and higher amount of carbon fiber.

The sound and feel of M4 are slightly hollow and reasonably muted, although the overall feeling is fulfilling when it hits the sweet spot. Moreover, the ultra-thin face creates the much-needed feel of perfect sports equipment.

The Taylor made M4 Single Irons produce similar effects to the sweet spot strikes, but the entire feeling can be dull. It is not as harsh and outrageous as the players’ iron but anyone can distinguish the general area of mis-hit during the impact.

The presence of different technologies does not surprise golfers that the M4 iron is easy to hit, are forgiving, and long.

However, a relatively pleasant surprise may be the feel and sound owing to the speed pocket. It may be an attempt by the company to make the irons less aggressive.

However, the M4 irons are the game improving equipment from TaylorMade. While the forgiveness, feel, and distance are superior, the strong offset is ideal for high handicappers.

Even if the robust lofts do not go a long way to assist the short irons, they can assist the players to access the green with longer irons and holes.

Added to the features are the affordable price and improved sound, which makes M4 for the professional players and the mid-high handicaps.

The TaylorMade P760 Iron brings together the SpeedFoam technology to create the nicest concoction. Moreover, progressive players-iron shape lends a clean and compact feel.

Progressive players-iron – The TaylorMade P760 Iron Review comes with a progressive set structure, which lends the iron a tour-caliber shape and delivers a personalized experience.

Scoring clubs – The single-piece forged construction in the short irons creates an outstanding feel and enhances the ability to make shots when the player is in the position to stick it tightly.

Types Of Golf Irons

SpeedFoam Technology – the TaylorMade P760 Iron also includes a forged 1025 iron steel body, which creates the much-needed soft feel without compromising the look, functionality, and consistency that golfers demand from the irons.

The TaylorMade P790 Iron Review demonstrates a thinner face and comes with the Inverted Cone Technology, which helps in improving the accuracy of the game, and reduces the right tendency, which is common in long irons.

Apart from this, the thinner face helps in maintaining the sound and feel and increases the feedback even when the ball sticks on the face.

The face of the P790 is impressive, but behind is one of the most advanced technologies, the SpeedFoam, a construction-specific to the brand, which generates the ball and manages the sound and feel.

The tungsten mass which comes through in the TaylorMade P790 Iron Review delivers a deeper CG, but the tungsten material reduces the CG and enhances the launch angle.

Although the previous model of P790 iron was one of the best looking models the brand provided a facelift to the model of 2019.

Despite the improvement in aesthetics, the latest model manages to maintain a unique look. The shiny finish is hard to miss and one of the elements that make the iron stand out.

Performance-wise, the P790 model provides, speed, distance, and forgives and the appearance is compact and clean.

While the previous P790 model was among the golf club sets for beginners but the new model can do it again. The feel of P790 is extraordinary, particularly at impact but the precision and the consistency of the model is more enlightening.

When looking for types of golf irons, you are sure to come across the game improvement irons, the super game improvement irons, players’ distance irons, and players’ irons.

While the super game improvement irons are ideal when looking forward to golf club sets for beginners, the game improvement irons are the best choice for the mid-level golf players who require forgiveness.

On the other hand, the player’s distance iron is an ideal option for mid to low-handicap players, the Players’ iron refers to the sets for skilled and experienced players.

The Closing Thoughts

how to buy golf iron

Several factors can go into choosing the kind of irons you need for playing golf. Reading the reviews of the irons mentioned above reveals the features, technologies, performance, sound, and feel of the irons.

You can analyze each iron in detail and delve into the features carefully to understand the level of precision and accuracy the irons can lend in the game.

The TaylorMade M4, P790, and P760 are different categories of irons with each one catering to a wide range of players from beginners to low and mid-handicaps. So, you need to scout the options and take your pick.

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