TaylorMade P760 Irons [TaylorMade Golf P760 Iron Set Review]

TaylorMade P760

The TaylorMade P760 iron set for men belongs to the “players” range. Generally speaking, this P760 is literally replacing two other models from the same manufacturing hub, namely P770 and P750.

People used to get into confusion with P750 and P770, as they were pretty unsure of the differences between these two models. The number mainly corresponds to the length of the blade. Therefore, the taylormade p760 sits right in the middle.

However, the most exciting fact about p760 irons is related to the progressive set. According to the leading spokesperson from TaylorMade, this progressiveness of the taylormade p760 iron set will take away any need for a combo of split sets.

So, let’s get into the details of progressive iron sets first. The shorter versions of the  p760 irons  are designed to be more compact with forged blades to it. Then, starting from the 7 to 3 irons, there will be a hollow construction, which is readily injected with the Speedfoam technology from TaylorMade itself.

It helps to present the irons with more forgiveness and higher ball speed. This technology of  taylormade p760  helps in maintaining proper gaps, especially when the players move towards longer irons.

The current SpeedFoam technology will improve the feel and sound of the p760 irons. The manufacturers set out to design a proper iron to cover tour-level competition. For that, they have combined all major elements, which are desirable to a better golf player.

The progressive taylormade p760 iron set will enable the shorter ones to be more precise and compact. On the other hand, the longer irons will take up the hollow construction and get injected with the revolutionary SpeedFoam technology.

This kind of introduction will result in one complete player set. It is primarily designed to inspire confidence, no matter whether you are trying to attack pins from any short-range with p760 irons or just sticking out the greens from longer ranges.

TaylorMade P760 Golf Iron [In-Depth Review]

p760 irons

You might have thought of investing some dollars on taylormade p760, which is no doubt a clever decision. However, it is vital to target the features of this iron set first, just to get a glimpse of what you are about to get with the set. Let’s discuss out some of the major points here.

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Works out pretty fast – Thanks to the SpeedFoam technology and the Tour forging combination, the p760 irons set will work out pretty fast, as desired by the experts. This iron set is all ready to deliver progressive players-iron shape.

So, now the golfers are given compact and cleaner short irons with hollow bodies for the longer irons. The hollow portion is proficiently packed with the revolutionary SpeedFoam technology for giving a sturdy hold in the end.

A progressive form of players-iron shaping – Whether you are planning to use taylormade p760 for attacking pins from shorter ranges or just sticking out to greens from a long range, you will receive desired results due to progressive set structure.

This structure will offer the golfers tour-caliber performance and shaping. The irons are optimized individually for every club in the men’s set.

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Well-engineered scoring clubs with forged construction – The shorter irons of the p760 irons set will have a single-piece forged construction within. These shorter irons will range from 8 to A. Such forged construction will present an enhanced and exceptional feel in the shot-making ability, whenever you are all set to stick it tight.

Moreover, the 1025 forged carbon and steel-based body of the taylormade p760 will offer that soft feel. The players can easily feel the lighter SUS630 face of the 3 to 7 irons, designed to create added accuracy, playability, and speed.

Working out on the SpeedFoam technology – SpeedFoam technology is a trademark of TaylorMade, designed to give the irons a whole new meaning. The same goes for the  p760 irons set. This SpeedFoam is injected right into the 3 to 7 irons in the set for generating promising distance.

It will often address a soft feel to it, without sacrificing the look, consistency, and working ability of the taylormade p760 set at all. Whatever you have ever asked for in an iron set, you will get it here.

p760 golf iron

A perfect combination to behold – The p760 irons from TaylorMade take a right in the middle of other models from the same house to combine the foam-filled speed of the TaylorMade P790 long irons with the attractive feel and look of the shorter irons from P750 or P770 sets.

The carbon steel body of the set – The entire set will go from 3 to gap or in the “Attack Wedge” mode. The irons, from 3 to 7 of the  taylormade p760  set, will have a 1025 carbon steel body to it. This body remains hollow, as mentioned, which will then be filled up with the SpeedFoam.

This technology is perfectly designed to improve the support and sound of the irons, especially with the help of a thin SUS630 steel face. This structure of the irons helps in increasing the speed of the ball for better distance coverage and more forgiveness.

The SpeedFoam gets injected right into the head through the hole, located in the toe as a liquid. When the foam solidifies, it will expand to completely fill out the cavity.

The shorter irons from 8: – The shorter ones from the p760 irons set, from 8 and downwards, are proficiently forged from the 1025 carbon steel based body and in a one-piece design. It comprises of a simple cavity back, designed to combine the style of the available forged blade.

Furthermore, the model comes with a perimeter of weighting forgiveness. The heads of these taylormade p760 models will come with a smaller grind on the leading edge.

The primary goal here is to progress the current turf interaction. The design helps in reducing the bounce and helps the players to get through some of the firmest surfaces well.

A progressive set to start with – According to TaylorMade, the p760 irons fall within the progressive set category. It means that the offset and the size of the head will get larger once you run through the set from shorter to longer ones.

Similarly, the hosel will get longer once you go down the set. Therefore, the wedges in here have longer hosel for matching the traditional setups.

The longer taylormade p760 irons will have lesser weight right in the heels. It helps to move the CG right across the face and closer to the sweet spot. As a result, the golfer receives more forgiveness.

taylormade p760 irons

Right trajectory throughout the game – The lofts of p760 irons are much closer to the P770 and P750 models. It means they remain weaker from the P790 models. However, this model is meant for better iron with ahead, which isn’t as deep.

So, you need to focus on that extra launch for getting the ball on the right trajectory. The P760 models will always offer a lower flight with maximum spins. So, this taylormade p760 will suit the faster speed players well, especially in short irons.

The forged headpiece – The p760 irons are not in the market for only its speed. Various customers with low single figure players fail to like the hollow head feel of the P790 shorter models. They were more into the traditional feel of that forged single piece head of the P770 model.

So, this taylormade p760 set comes with the combo design within a single set for matching flexible needs. The longer irons are foam filled with a muted feel. However, these p760 irons models will not sound hollow and will be a bit firmer than the P790 ones. But, they don’t have the crisp blade-like feel to them.

The shorter irons, right from 8 and downwards, will feel extremely good in taylormade p760, but in a different manner. There will be less of muscle back to p760 irons when compared to P770 and P750 ones. So, now you get a more traditional like blade to feel to it.

taylormade p760 review

The progressive state of the irons – When it comes to 6-iron, you can feel the progression of the taylormade p760 models because of the larger heads. These large heads will have more forgiveness and tech to them. Moreover, these heads are also deeper, so the spin and launch changes.

The soft feel of the set – Golfers prefers p760 irons for their soft feel. Not only that, but the models are known for their surprising forgiveness and covering great distances with ease. However, it is recommended to hit them beforehand and then make a purchase.

When compared to P790, the taylormade p760 models have a smaller profile. That makes it better for the mid to the lower handicappers.

Better turf interaction – The p760 irons are designed to be small sided and precise, which makes them one of the best ever, and modern progression sets available in the market these days.

The clubs look great and come with better turf interaction when compared to P790. The only issue is that the same model won’t stay in the market for long as TaylorMade is known for changing the design of their models frequently.

Precision engineered at its best – It is well-known now that the taylormade p760 clubs are known for their precision-engineered results. The single-piece forged construction is all you need within the short irons, ranging from 8 to A. It provides the exceptional feel to the item and enhancing the playability of the golfer.

taylormade p760 review

Redesigned form of sole geometry – The redesigned sole of the p760 irons is known to have a new chamfered leading edge. It helps in improving the current turf interaction to the fullest. Moreover, the models have a squarer look to them down by the ball.

Precise iron engineering – Right from the offset of the taylormade p760 models to the lofts and even to the head size, every club in this set is proficiently crafted and engineered to deliver what the players want. The main goal is to handle precise shots all over the golf course, and this club set knows how to do it well.

SUS630 face inserts – In this p760 irons set, the 3 to 7 irons have a hollow body with SpeedFoam filling. This construction is proficiently capped off by a strong yet thin stainless steel face. Thanks to this strong material usage, the company can now make the face of the clubs thinner and even faster for some durable and stronger grooves.

Perfect blade size for all players – Golfers are way more into taylormade p760 these days because of the heads. The heads of the clubs are smaller, which helps in improving the playability.

It is the finest blend of technology with little forgiveness but without compromising the look at any cost. The blade size is perfect for most players, whether a novice or an experienced golfer.

Pros And Cons To Address

professional golf irons

According to the taylormade p760 review is has been stated that P760 is aimed at single-figure golf players. It is a perfect weapon for those looking for a compact iron with extra help in long irons and precision in the shorter ones with a lively soft feel.

With perfect loft or lie set-up and shaft, these golf clubs have the right potential to easily outperform what you have played beforehand. But, for getting this privilege, the players need to pay the price. Just like any other set, P760 has its share of pros and cons to address too. So, let’s get into the details.

  • For an iron with such a modest size, this club set is pretty forgiving.
  • The ball speed and even the feel of the clubs will easily surpass your expectations.
  • The forged 1025 carbon steel body will offer that soft feel.
  • The all-new and lighter SUS630 face of the 3-7 irons will be another interesting sign of this golf set, resulting in added playability, speed, and accuracy.
  • P760 is known to generate incredible distance without scarifying the look of it. Even the consistency and working ability remain top-notch with the model.
  • Sometimes, the extra distance over some of the traditional player irons might not be a desired characteristic for target players.
  • When compared to P790 models, the looks of this P760 might not be up to the mark for some golfers.

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The Difference In P760 And P790 In Its Methodology

p760 irons review

The P790 and p760 irons are linked up pretty closely even though you might not think that right at the beginning. P790 is known to house a massive success with golfers because of its look, fantastic ball speed, and forgiveness.

The P790 models are known for their more extensive range of appeal to suit all kinds of golfers, right from single figure handicappers to even 20+ handicappers.

However, even though the performance of the longer irons deals with hitting right notes for tour players, some might prefer heading towards a sleeker look within shorter irons. Experienced professionals can go for taylormade p760 sets as they don’t need extra ball speed and forgiveness within scoring clubs.

They are here for feel and precision. That’s why the team from Taylormade tried putting the best parts of sleeker P770 and P750 models within the shorter irons with high-end forgiveness and ball speed of P790 in longer irons.

The p760 irons can easily replace P750 and P770 with ease. For example, a 15-handicapper might want to head towards the P790 model. But, if a golfer is trying to work on his game and improve his shots, the sleeker taylormade p760 option in shorter irons will be the right choice to address.

P760 Irons Revealed In Details

p760 review

TaylorMade is known for its outstanding clubs for golfers with p760 irons being new ones on the list. Recently enough, the company added this new iron to the P700 series and stated the taylormade p760 to be progressive forged irons for the golfers.

It can literally replace both P770 and P750. With this 760 set, players can now get the performance of P750 in shorter irons and improve the performance of P770 as with the long irons.

  • The progressive set of the p760 irons is made using the power of ultimate craftsmanship. The performance of the club changes because of the progressiveness where every iron is optimized individually. The main aim is to offer a Tour-caliber performance and shaping.
  • The progressive design associated with taylormade p760 is not just for the shaping but also with the features in the construction of the iron clubs. The current transition of P760s from a singular piece of the 1025 carbon steel forged head in the 8 PW or AW to the forged hollow bodily construction of the 3-7 irons, injected with SpeedFoam, works better for the players.
  • As you can see in the famous P790 irons, the longer irons have a hollow cavity, which helps to produce consistent distance. It will also add forgiveness for maintaining optimized gapping through the entire set. Now you can find the same in the longer p760 irons as well. It helps the players to enjoy better forgiveness.
  • SpeedFoam, on the other hand, will serve two purposes of generating the speed of the ball and also dampening vibrations for creating ultimate feel and sound.
  • This SpeedFoam technology gets injected right into the club of taylormade p760 irons in its liquid form. Once the liquid starts to cool down, it will expand within the club. It results in increased face support, even while maintaining the stable and soft sound and feel that the golfers love.
  • You have the current one-piece forged construction of the p760 irons in the 8-club through AW. It results in a proper feel and better shot-shaping capability. The end results in better ball strikers.
  • Offset, lofts, and head size of the taylormade p760 clubs have been detailed meticulously to cover everything that a golfer needs for making that précised shot.
  • Then you have the sole geometry of the p760 irons, which has been proficiently re-designed by adding a chamfered leading edge to it. The main aim is to deliver cleaner entry into the turf. Furthermore, it helps in activating the bounce of the p760 clubs without digging risk to it. Everything takes place within a square look.
  • The lengths of the hosel remain progressive while dealing with taylormade p760 irons. It will move from shorter to longer clubs. It helps in positioning the CG lower for that extra launch and higher ball speed, starting from taller to shorter clubs.
  • Now, you can get the p760 models from 3- AW with its “Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips” and “True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 (S300, X100) shafts” as the standard options. The RRP remains at £1,299 for a set with seven pieces to it. You can check out more about the clubs from taylormade p760 review.

All the players, who have used the taylormade p760 irons, are all commenting on the sharper lead edges and even the extra height they can get from this source.

For a long iron, the P760 launches pretty high. Furthermore, this set does not sound like any hollow iron. So, according to the taylormade p760 review, it feels and sounds really solid.

TaylorMade P760 – Graphite Forged Irons

taylormade p760 irons review

Just like with most models from TaylorMade, p760 has its versions too, with Graphite Forged Irons, being one of them. It comes with custom fitting to help match the buyer’s flexible mindset.

You might have heard about the higher handicap combination set. But, this model will break new grounds and provide the golfers with tighter, unique looking, and compact golf clubs.

This graphite forged based taylormade p760 irons will share some of the well-known characteristics and can easily replace P770 and P750 models, as mentioned already. All the best features from these models will get combined to provide a robust and flowing set.

It literally blends the short iron performance of P750 models and the better long iron ones of P770, to make p760, the perfect ball striker. Even the traditionalists have good things to say about this model. However, this model has a modern twist to it, according to the taylormade p760 review, with its compact short club feel.

The graphite-forged body will have the same one-piece forged clubhead within the shorter irons from 8 to AW. The forged hollow body of the taylormade p760 irons will come with high-speed face within the 3 to 7 irons. It helps in optimizing the performance through the entire set. Some of the other major features in this set will include:

  • A progressive form of rout inspired shapes.
  • Re-designed sole geometry of the models for better turf interactions
  • SpeedFoam injected within the long irons for improving vibration dampening and ball speed.

According to the taylormade p760 review, the number in the name represents the length of the blade in millimeters. So, P760 fits right between P730 and P790, when it comes to the size, right from heel to toe.

However, the most promising fact about this model is the progressive set. So, now the golfers won’t need to head for the combo or split sets anymore. Everything they need, they will get in just one set.

The graphite forged body of the p760 models will offer extra balls peed and forgiveness for maintaining the right gaps when the golfers move towards longer irons. SpeedFoam technology will further help in improving the feel and sound of it too.

With this P760 model, TaylorMade thought of presenting an iron for tour-level competition. It will combine all the elements, which will help make a better golfer or mid-handicap traditionalists.

The progressive value of the taylormade p760 irons will enable the shorter irons to be quite precise and compact. On the other hand, the long irons will take up that hollow construction with the revolutionary SpeedFoam injected within.

It results in a complete golfer set. The primary goal here is to inspire confidence, whether you are sticking green from longer ranges or just attacking pins from shorter ones. The taylormade p760 review clearly states the positive characteristics that this model has in store for you.

Notes From The Manufacturers

taylormade p760 professional golf iron

With P760, the manufacturers have set up to properly design players-iron for covering some tour-level competition. It helps in combining all major elements, helping to make this p760 golf set for all the better golfers in town.

The progressive set will help enable shorter irons to be precise and compact. Then you have the longer irons in this set with hollow construction and injected with SpeedFoam. The primary aim of the taylormade p760 irons is to inspire confidence, no matter whether you are playing a short or a long-range.

Details Of The Irons Within The Set

taylormade p760 golf iron set

According to the taylormade p760 review, the limited shaft offset at around 2.8mm in 5-iron from the long irons to the wedges is one sign that P760 is a game-changer. This improved model is primarily dressed up to be players-iron.

  • You have the 3-iron through 7-iron, noted to be hollow and filled with SpeedFoam for supporting the face and adding more ball speed. It further dampens vibration for that proper feel and sound.
  • The body remains forged with 1025 carbon steel while the face is forged from lighter and new SUS630 stainless steel.
  • The profile and head size of this p760 model will be of a traditional look.
  • Right from the 8-iron through AW or Attack Wedges, the heads remain in a single piece of 1025 carbon steel forgings. As these are the scoring irons, the company gave particular attention to the feel of the clubs.
  • Lofts have become standard for players-irons with a pitching wedge of taylormade p760 irons at 46 degrees.
  • The reconfigured sole shape of the p760 set comes with added chamfering. It helps the head to enter turn cleanly with less digging risk. Smoother turf pass will bring the bounce of the club into play. So, it can be naturally used for producing the correct launch angle for any kind of shot.

TaylorMade P760 Irons Long And Mid Irons

best forged irons

The longer and mid ranging irons from 3 to 7 in this TaylorMade P760 are designed to be hollow cavity and multi-material irons. These products borrow some of the technologies from the P790 iron set from the same brand.

The forged 1025-carbon and steel-based body of this club set is proficiently joined to the light-weighted SUS630 face of stainless steel. It features the sweet-spot enhancing ICT or Inverted Cone technology. Then you have the Tungsten inserts, which can optimize the COG or center of Gravity in every iron.

Due to the patented SpeedFoam of TaylorMade, the p760 clubface is made thinner and even lighter. This material gets injected right into the interval cavity through the screw, which is then tucked away on the toe portion of the club.

This SpeedFoam will not just work as a space filter but will offer support for the face. It will, furthermore, improves the feel, reduces vibration, and helps in creating pure impact sound that befits an iron of the P760 model. So, now you won’t get to get the thumps, clunks, and tinny screeching sounds at all.

The longer and mid P760 irons are known to have a classic mid-range, according to the taylormade p760 review available nowadays. The mid-ranging cavity back design won’t be as chunky or even as wide as the one with P790 irons. However, these 760 models will have the much-needed progressive forgiveness level to it, as the iron starts getting longer.

Speed, distance, and a peak height of the ball will also get enhanced for making the shots easier than before. However, most importantly, these tour-ready clubs will add forgiveness in mid and long irons, which will not impact the golfer’s ability to shape up the shots and then craft ball flights.

The TaylorMade P760 Iron

best golf iron sets

The company knows that the shorter irons are important, as that’s where the rubber hits the road. When top players aim for target hunting, they are in need of some reliable shot shaping. That’s why the taylormade p760 irons came into action.

These shorter irons are crafted differently to the longer ones. The short irons from 8 to AW are mostly forged from a singular solid steel piece. It offers the finest sought-after feel. The feedback is really important for scoring irons.

The shorter irons will not have any hollow body or SpeedFoam injected into it. These irons from TaylorMade will have a solid and soft feel with pure and direct feedback.

That’s why the short irons from P760 are gaining worldwide popularity among elite players. The short irons from the p760 set are pretty much clean and compact. They can help the golfers make the perfect shot-shape with extreme confidence while taking on the tightest of all pins.

FAQs Taylormade P760

Question – Do you think that TaylorMade p760 has blades within?

Answer – The number in the P model always mentions the blade size in millimeters. The shorter irons from 8 downwards are primarily forged from the 1025 carbon steel in a one-piece design.

It just comes with a simple cavity back for combining the present style of forged blade with a little bit of perimeter weighting forgiveness.

Question – Can you state P760 as forgiving models?

When compared to the P790 model, the taylormade p760 irons are better in many ways. These models are sleeker than the other models from TaylorMade with tons of added features.

This model is also known to be forgiving, and the iron is tour proven. Thanks to its MP-20 MB, they have tapered blade design for topline changes, based on the angle you work on it.

Question – Which one is better between P750, P770, and P760?

Answer – Each model from TaylorMade has its own pros and cons to it, along with some finest features. The P770 models are known for their longer clubs, and the shorter ones from P750 are better. Now, P760 lands right in the middle with the best of both worlds.

It has combined the best long clubs of P770 with the best shorter ones of P750 for a complete set. So, there is no need to get a split or combo set at all, as this P760 model will cover it all.

Question – Do you think that TaylorMade irons are best?

Answer – Each brand portrays to be the best in the market, and the same goes for golf clubs. But, TaylorMade has a stronghold in the market because of its branded materials and invention of new technologies like SpeedFoam, and more.

So, each new model from the house of TaylorMade has some new features, which are hard to find in this competitive market in other brands. So, that makes TaylorMade a leading name in this industry.

Question – What are the most forgiving TaylorMade irons?

Answer – If you are solely focusing on forgiveness, then opt for the M2 iron set from TaylorMade. This set is made, keeping forgiveness in mind.

These irons happen to be extremely accurate and with cavity back design, offset hosel, and more. So, this model will tick all your boxes for the best forgiving irons from the house of TaylorMade, within your pre-set budget.

Question – What irons are best for the 15 handicappers?

Answer – If you are eyeing for the finest golf irons, designed purposely for mid handicappers, then the TaylorMade M6 iron set is the one to watch out for. Even the P760 model has its place in this regard, too, because of its lightweight and high-end forgiveness.

Question – What are the easiest irons to hit?

Answer – For all the average golf players out there, the shorter irons under 7, 8, and 9 and even the wedges are the “easiest” to work with. These clubs are known to be slightly shorter and a bit heavier when compared to long irons.

So, that helps you to get better control over the set golf club. Now, the golfers can easily produce some better shots.

Question – What golf irons should you choose for the biggest sweet spot?

Answer – According to the taylormade p760 review, this model has a good sweet spot for the golfers to work with. However, if you are looking for a large sweet spot, then the new M6 iron set from TaylorMade might have been the top choice to consider.

Not only known for its large spot, but this model is very forgiving on both heel and toes mishits. So, this club is a dream for most of the low and mid handicappers.

Question – Whom can you consider to be a high handicap golfer?

Answer – Any golfer with a handicap of 18 is termed as a bogey golfer. It means the golfer can average a bogey or a single shot above par for every hole. A high handicap can be anything right above 18.

A high handicap can easily indicate that you a proper golfer. As per the Golf Channel, the average score of most of the US golfers is around 100.

Question – Which one to choose between players’ irons and game improvement irons?

There are some differences between the game improvement irons and the players’ irons that you must consider beforehand. Among so many differences, the main one is that the game improvement irons are designed mainly for forgiveness and distance.

Well, then you have the players’ irons, on the other hand, designed purposely for the feel and workability. So, depending on your need, you better choose the club accordingly.

Get Your TaylorMade P760 Iron Set Now

Going through all the features can easily help you make up a choice when it comes to a golfer club set. This  p760  model has its share of pros and cons, with the former dominating the latter. So, for that ultimate budget-friendly option, without impacting your game, then TaylorMade’s P760 model is the one to watch out for.

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