TaylorMade P790 Irons Set [P790 Irons Golf Set Detailed Review]

TaylorMade P790

TaylorMade Golf is all set with its new p790 model, known for its powerful performance. The classic design comes with a perfect grip and excellent delivery for the golfers. This taylormade p790 is an ideal combination of SpeedFoam technology and forged construction. So, golfers will now experience forgiveness and working ability, unlike any other golf club.

The engineers have created the perfect forged taylormade iron p790, which helps in delivering outstanding distance with enhanced feel and playability. The hollow cavity of this model will use the much-awaited SpeedFoam Technology.

It is a revolutionary proprietary construction to serve the dual purpose of generating high-end ball speed and optimizing feel and sound. This technology is further injected right into the clubhead for ultimate sound-damping and face supportive properties.

This newly designed “wrapped face construction” helps in creating a cut-thru Speed pocket. It comes with extreme flexibility towards the lower part of the clubface of taylormade iron p790. This flexibility then results in high-end consistency and helps to create greater forgiveness.

Not to forget, these p790 specs comprise of 1.75mm face thickness. Furthermore, it is re-crafted using Inverted Cone technology. It helps in reduced face thickness at the edges. Therefore, it results in higher flexibility with lower clubface for higher ball speed.

In terms of playing ability, this p790 iron comes with strategically placed MIM or metal Injection-molded Tungsten weight. It results in the accurate placement of CG with higher MOI or moment of inertia.

TaylorMade P790 Iron Set [Features And Technologies]

p790 irons

To help enhance your golfing practice and make some points, you need TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set. But before investing dollars for this set, it is vital to check out the features available with the set. The engineers have meticulously worked to improve the 2019 version of p790 with hollow body construction, re-designed tungsten weight, and SpeedFoam technology. Detailed features are listed below for your reference.

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The forged progression feature – Next-generation forged progression seems to be a classic feature of this item. It comes with the thinner forged face. Not only that, but it has progressively located ICT design. It helps in maximizing the current COR area and even improves the level of accuracy.

Use of SpeedFoam Technology – Another exciting feature of taylormade p790 got to be SpeedFoam technology. Here, the foam gets injected into the club’s toe for delivering soft feel. It further helps in improving the responsiveness of the club, right on impact.

Because of the thin clubface, it becomes difficult for the manufacturers, most of the time, to inject material for preserving the lower weight of the club. Not anymore, thanks to this light foam material.

It gets injected through the opening quickly and works as the ultimate catalyst for allowing the club to flex with ease. It further helps in generating spring effect to increase the speed of the clubhead.

Sound-damping feature of modern technology – This lighter foam helps the mid and high handicappers to feel less vibration and enough feel and sound upon impact. It works like this because of the sound-damping feature of SpeedFoam technology. The p790 specs use Speed Foam for offering sound and feel, simultaneously.

taylormade p790 irons

Carbon steel face for better hold – This p790 iron set comes with a forged 4140 carbon steel face. It has an ultra-thin thickness of just 1.75mm. So, now you can get extra flex on its impact. Even the lower portion of the clubface is more flexible because of the cut-thru speed pocket, located within the sole.

If you always hit low at clubface, this speed pocket helps in providing higher ball speed and forgiveness. Even the new design of this iron set offers consistent shots, which are otherwise hard to see in the forged irons.

Inverted Cone Technology – Not only that but TaylorMade used the ICT or the Inverted Cone Technology for the p790 irons. Here, the thin clubface is adequately crafted with revamped and smaller ICT. As a result, it helps in improving its flexibility.

The clubface comes with more delicate inner edges. It helps the thickness to vary proficiently right across the entire clubface. So, now you can easily hit longer shots with ease, and from anywhere.

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Hollow-constructive irons – Most of the time, the hollow-constructive irons give rise to forgiveness, speed, or the feel. In this model, p790, the manufacturers thought of adding all three features in a perfect shape that might appeal to experienced players. So, it resulted in the ultra-thin face with the much-awaited polyurethane foam filling.

Cut-through slot – For enhancing the current distance, the clubface mainly inserts wraps around the sole, resulting in the cut-through slot. It is quite similar to the fairway woods of the company. The primary key remains with the foam filling, which helps the thin face to stay flexible and add enough weight to it. This same material helps in maintaining that acceptable sound as well.

Lower CoG or Center of Gravity – The longer irons from taylormade p790 iron comprises of lower Center of Gravity. On the other hand, you have the shorter irons with higher CoG. This is a progressive technology, which helps you never to lose control over your shot.

This CoG helps the golfer to procure a higher ball flight on the launch pad with extra distance. In case you are playing from the fairway or rough, you can always land on the green portion.


The high-end look of the clubs – This taylormade p790 iron is somewhat different from the basic models available from the same manufacturer. However, after 3 to 4 rounds, the players can make enough contact and will feel great about it.

The look is, by far, the best feature of P790 as they look more like artwork. The top edge and face of irons look amazing and not entirely different from the M2 irons. The only difference lies within their shiny finish.

Robust structure and sturdy construction – The shafts of P790 are known for their sturdy and robust construction. It even makes for softer impact whenever you make a reliable connection. You will not feel any hard impact. Even the grips are pretty strong, making them hard to fly out of your hand with a stroke.

Available with minimal offset – Another exciting factor is that taylormade p790 iron comes with minimal offset. So, it will help the golfer in ball flight, shot shape, and even golf swing. To top it all, this set comes with dynamic gold of 105-gram shaft.

So, this model is always lighter than some of the other stock shafts. However, it never fails to maintain the same feel and look of that original material. So, with a lighter shaft, you will receive a higher ball speed. It even comes with quicker club head response.

The modernized sleek look – These clubs are mainly known for their sleek look and design. Even the grip seems pretty nice. The head remains thinner and smaller than most of the old sets. The iron set, on the other hand, comprises of clubs 4 to 9 and comes with pitching wedge. So, the clubs end up swinging nicely. Even the lightweight of the clubs makes them easier to hold and swing.

Increased Moment of Inertia – The manufacturers of taylormade p790 iron worked hard to increase the Moment of Inertia and also standardize the Center of Gravity. So, they have added tungsten weight into the club face’s center with the help of a screw.

So, now the metal injected molded or MIM weight provides longer and straighter shots at off-center strikes as well. It can further offer optimized spin conditions and ball launch on all the possible irons as presented in the set.

Twice forged and forgiving than blades – Even though the iron looks more or less like a blade but it is proven to be twice as forged, forgiving and long. A single it will help you to land your ball straight to the goal in a straight line. Even if you are into a pin hunt, these irons are the most excellent choices to make. You can also get custom fits if the need arises.

p790 irons Review

Comes with 7% thinner face – The new 2019 taylormade p790 iron comes with a sleeker and cleaner look and also taller. It has 7% thinner face when compared to the older 2017 model. It will not only make the iron faster but will present weight savings to improve the performance in the clubhead.

Lesser propensity – The sole radius of the gold iron has been proficiently tweaked for lesser propensity. The longer irons, from 3 – 6 irons have less offset progressively.

Even the blade length has been shaved down in scoring irons like in 7 – AW for compact iron proportions of the players. Even the topline shaping has been properly refined by increasing the present face height in the toe for one cleaner progression through the entire set.

2019 model with 7 pieces set – The 2019 model will have RRP of around £1,299 steel for that seven pieces set. This taylormade p790 iron comes in the “Dynamic Gold 105 VSS steel shafts” of “True Temper” or even the “Recoil 760/780 ES SmacWrap graphite shafts” from “UST Mamiya.”

Premium titanium version to it – To top it all, this P790 2019 model is joined with another premium version. It is manufactured using premium quality 9-1-1 titanium. So, these clubs will have a higher strength to weight ratio within them.

Titanium usage helped the engineers to increase the current amount of tungsten to around 119g, which is more or less half of the mass of the iron head. The construction remains visible across a full back bar of iron. It results in an ultra-lower gravity center, which is the lowest in all P Series.

Lighter face and large sweet spot – Thanks to the titanium construction of taylormade p790 iron, the iron of the premium quality model comes with lighter face and larger sweet spot.

It is because of the thru-slot speed pocket, which is the most flexible one to date. This thru-spot pocket speed will help to expand the flexible portion of the face for generating a higher and faster pace of the balls.

Progressive ICT design – The design of the ultra-thin titanium model comprises of the Progressive ICT design. It comes with an added speed pocket in its 8-iron. It presents the golfers with consistent yardage gapping through the entire set.

taylormade p790 Review

Titanium model with a longer blade length – If you compare the P790 Ti model with the original P790 one, the titanium model has a longer blade length of around 2mm.

While checking the p790 specs, you will find it with a taller face of 2mm and even 0.5mm of the increased offset. Furthermore, it helps in utilizing a slightly wider sole. Not only that, but the increased sole comes with increase bounce, which results in added forgiveness.

Upgraded driving iron – TaylorMade also worked hard and upgraded the driving iron in the foam of the P790 UDI model of 2019. It comes with the same signature forged hollow body and filled up with Speed Foam. It has a lower profile tungsten weight, just like the basic 2019 P790 model. Follow the taylormade p790 specs to learn more.

UDI version with a softer carbon-based steel body – The UDI version is made using a softer 8620 carbon-based steel body. It is furthermore combined with the higher strength forged 4140 carbon steel and forms a major part of p790 specs. It has wrapped up face construction within the hollow body.

Metal injected mold for internal tungsten weight – Apart from the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and the Inverted Cone Face, this new UDI version of taylor made p790 has metal injected molded or MIM internal tungsten weight.

It results in accurate CG placement and assisting in higher playing ability and forgiveness. It even came with a cleaner look with less offset and increased in tow height as preferred by the experienced players. Not only that, but you can’t miss the heavier stock shaft, stated as Project X HZRDUS Smoke 90.

1.37-v-1.35 efficiency level – In terms of the efficiency level of the “Smash Factor,” the newer P790 model has a rate at 1.37-v-1.35, with the older P790 model. So, it means the new model has a hard-working clubface, mainly to cover the slight mishits.

Toe-port of the modern version – Another thing to address in taylormade p790 irons in terms of look is that the newer P790 version has a toe port, which is larger and closer to the sole. Even the new version has changed the “TaylorMade” logo to “T,” which enhances the beauty of the product more.

In terms of address position, the newer irons have a medium-thick top line. It comes with an average offset, designed for game improvement iron.

golf iron set

Modern 2019 models with quitter sound – In terms of sound, the 2019 model has quieter sound to it, when compared to the old 2017 version of it. It is mainly because of its softer feel. When it comes to a premium ball, a proper strike will present a fairly loud and crisp snap when in touch with the ball. If you miss, the snap sound gets louder.

Easier distance coverage – Another interesting feature of this iron is its distance. The main driver of p790 irons is the ball speed. With an iron market, which is full of the faster irons, this P790 is right at the top, in terms of ball speed. The center might not have a faster iron, but it works well with mishits.

Producing longer iron shots – Another interesting factor of taylormade p790 irons is its art of producing long iron shots. This latest version comes as one of the lowest spinning irons ever made. So, if you are facing trouble and losing control because of the high spin, this model is the right one for you. But, for the lower or average spin golfers, these extra yards might not be that helpful.

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Important Things You Need To Know Of The P790 Model

p790 specs

In terms of performance and sales, the original or basic taylormade p790 is the prime choice. It is a favorable choice among club golfers. This set has forged feel to it, alongside speed and the iron cosmetics of the players. However, when compared to the 2017 model, there are few changes made with the modern 2019 model. Learning about these features will help you make the right choice.

When it comes to looks, the 2019 p790 irons have a slightly cleaned up look than its original counterpart. These clubs come with a thinner form of top line and with a round shape to it. Even the off head is pretty soft. But the changes are pretty subtle, and only the experts can make out the difference.

The 2019 models feel really solid. Thanks to the “Progressive Inverted Cone Technology,” the 2019 taylormade p790 irons are pretty rigid in nature. They certainly fill up the promises made by TaylorMade, in terms of quality clubs.

It is hard to pinpoint if the result comes from SpeedFoam or not, but the way the ball felt fast off the face, this club definitely knows how to win people’s hearts. When interacting outdoor with proper turf, the sound it makes is just amazing. It even feels a lot firmer through the proper hitting zone. It even feels that the ball stays a lot longer on the clubface.

The p790 irons comprise of stronger lofts, and you need to consider this feature while taking the clubs with you. Even the hybrid-type head has to do a lot in this regard. In reality, these irons are way longer and forgiving than most of the PXG irons. But, it might be because of the stronger lofts. However, the dispersion level of this 2019 model is far better than the old version.

Moreover, these taylormade p790 clubs really know how to perform well from tee, rough and fairway, mainly if the ground is wet. Some people have a misconception that the forgiving nature and large head size of the club might force them to struggle to shape them, but the reality is completely different.

Whenever you are planning to hit into long par three downhill, you will apply just the accurate draw you need to get it to a tight left pin. Overall, the longer 2019 irons are way better than all the other models. The 4 iron remains consistent throughout, and even in the distance.

Difference Between The Old And New P790s

You will come across some significant differences between the old taylormade p790 and new models. The newer versions are way more compact in their shorter irons, starting from the toe to heel. The manufacturers have worked hard to reduce the offset in some of the longer irons, as you can see in their taylormade p790 specs. Here, the shapes are dialed up towards the eyes of golfers directly.

The new taylormade p790 irons will always inspire confidence among golfers by raising toe depth by a fraction. It comes with a much more rounded heel and toe shaping, which works for the golfers well.

Here, even the multi-material construction will remain the same all the way, with its 8620 cast body and forged 4140 faces. The only difference in that the face has been toned down by 7%.

It helps in removing extra weight from the club. It is placed just behind the clubface, made using a 15% heavier tungsten weight internal body. The main purpose of this taylormade p790 is to lower the CG. It furthermore helps in increasing the current launch angle of the latest model in 2019.

Comparison of P790 (2019) model to the 2017 version in a test

taylormade iron p790

When you compare the new head of taylormade p790 with the old one, you will receive higher ball speed. It doesn’t matter that the shaft of the 2019 model is smaller, as TaylorMade thought of changing the standard length at the start of 2019. So, even if the shaft is smaller, the golfer will receive enough control without losing ball speed.

Therefore, the challenge has been put to the test by many golfers. Some of them have even added other models from the same manufacturing house, such as M5s and P760s, for final comparison. Going through the changes and taylormade p790 specs have finally pointed out that there is a difference of 3 degrees in the loft between these irons. It will definitely impact the launch angle, ball speed, spin, and carry distance.

The ball speed of the 2017 taylormade p790 model has been 122, and that of 2019 one is 123. The launch angle in both remains the same at 14.1. In terms of backspin, the 2017 model is at 5728 and 2019, one at 5297.

The height of 2017 p790 irons remains at 26 and of 2019, at 25. The descent angle of the 2019 model is at 41 degrees, and that of 2019 is at 40 degrees. The carry or yards in P790 2017 model is 177, and that of the p790 2019 model is at 180.

2019 TaylorMade P790 Iron Vs. 2017 P790 Iron Comparison

TaylorMade P790

The original taylormade p790 got popularity in a big way. It has a perfect combination of hollow-body construction, a very thin face, and SpeedFoam.

The p790 specs help in offering a forgiving route to high-end playability and covering maximum distance. For the amateurs, it is all about the power and aesthetics of the set. But, for the experienced golfers, this P790 has been a revolutionary change.

The newer 2019 version of the p790 irons easily tackles the challenge of improving the already technically advanced and successful irons that the company had ever made in 2017. The process started by thinning down the face of the club by 7%. It resulted in enhanced forgiveness. Moreover, it further presents a 20% larger sweet spot.

For the first time ever in the history of TaylorMade, this 2019 taylormade p790 came with the PICT or the Progressive Inverted Cone Technology, as mentioned already. It is designed to improve accuracy through the entire set.

Not only that, but this latest model can easily minimize right-miss tendency as widely found in longer irons. Here, the thinner face will maintain that feel and sound. It further enhances the feedback, no matter wherever the ball remains struck on the face.

On the other hand, the latest 2019 p790 irons will have the same SpeedFoam as found in the original one. It gets thoroughly injected into the clubhead for that ultimate face support.

Thanks to its dampening properties, the performance of p790 irons will always remain right at the top. Even though the changes are subtle, expert golfers are not wasting time and getting the newer models by their sides.

At first, the golfers get attracted by the less offset and cleaner look. They will take not more than two shots to understand the difference. The newer versions will launch the ball higher, which is one stunning feature, of course!

Learning About The TaylorMade P790 2017 Features

  • The 2017 p790 irons comprise of hollow body construction and a forged face.
  • They have speed pockets for better performance on the shots, which will strike lower on the clubface.
  • The ultimate and proprietary SpeedFoam technology of taylormade p790 irons will serve two purposes at the same time. It will not just generate higher ball speed but will manage the feel and sound of the entire hit as well.
  • The original body has tungsten weight within. However, the 2019 model has increased in its mass with a newer version of low profile tungsten design to it.

The Upgrade As Made In The 2019 Model

  • The latest taylormade p790 irons come with a 7% thinner face. The main purpose here is to produce faster COR. It further enhances forgiveness and even gets to increase the current sweet spot.
  • Even the topline shaping was proficiently refined for addressing a player’s profile cleaner.
  • The scoring irons of taylormade p790 irons under 7i-AW comprise of a decreased blade length, which has been shaved down for that compact look to it.
  • The longer irons of p790, on the other hand, will have a progressively lower offset. Here, the options of longer irons fall under 6i-3i.
  • The 2019 version of taylormade p790 irons will have a larger tungsten mass, which remains 15% more than its first 2017 generation. It helps in delivering a lower CoG or center of gravity. It further helps in promoting that higher launch ball flight.
  • To top it all, while checking out the taylormade p790 specs, you came across Progressive Inverted Cone Technology as associated with this club. This design is the center point for improving accuracy across face.

Types Under TaylorMade P790 Models – Updated Versions

professional golf irons

Before you make a plan and get yourself taylormade p790 irons, make sure to go through the types first. With new taylormade p790 specs getting introduced on a daily basis, there come various models to watch out. Let’s learn about the classes in detail first.

The basic p790 irons – With RRP of £1,299 for steel and £1,399 for graphite, the original p790 came with 3-PW and AW. There are two types of shafts in here, as “Dynamic Gold 105 VSS steel shafts” or the “UST Mamiya’s Recoil 760/780 graphite shaft.” The basic or the original model is known for its forged feel, speed, and iron cosmetics of the players.

There has been a change made to the Dynamic Gold 105 VSS steel shafts, where the manufacturers change the standard shaft lengths of p790. So, now the shafts are shorter in height when compared to the previous model. Even though the shaft height is shorter, still the golfers will enjoy proper control with the new models as well.

TaylorMade P790 UDI – With an RRP of £229, this p790 UDI model comes with HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft or the 105g (X) flexes. It has all the features and p790 specs of the regular P790 model and some more.

TaylorMade worked hard to update the UDI, which became quite popular on Tour. This is a forged driving iron, which is proficiently designed with the tour-based shape and other technologies from the manufacturing unit. It comprises of SpeedFoam too.

Similar to most of the other iron sets, these UDI taylormade p790 irons come with a soft carbon steel body of 8620. It is properly combined with the higher strength forced 4140 carbon steel. Later, it gets a wrapped-face construction, which is perfect for its hollow body.

This new UDI version has a very thin, forged face with ICT. It helps in expanding the sweet spot within a smaller face zone.

Just like the one in first-generation p790 specs, the UDI version will have smaller Inverted Cone. It helps in reducing the thickness of the clubface, mainly towards the edges. So, it can easily increase the flexibility right from heel to toe on the face. It can further optimize the speed of the ball across the whole face of the club.

This UDI model comes with its Thru-Spot Speed Pocket. It is one of the major p790 specs to consider, and it helps to increase the speed of the golf ball, alongside forgiveness. So, the golfer can now enjoy proper playing ability for added options off the fairway or the tee. For forgiveness, the UDI model has an all-new re-engineered internal MIM feature. It helps in addressing accurate CG placement with higher MOI.

TaylorMade P790 Titanium or TI – Here, the RRP is £2,699 for steel, and the RRP for graphite is £2,899. In the latest p790 TI model, the company has fused two major themes. It actually helps in improving the performance rate of the golfer.

For a start, this Titanium one is completely different from the modern iron from TaylorMade. The head is made out of this metal. Even though this is one of the first titanium irons from this brand, but it is definitely the first one for the golf’s hollow body.

The TI taylor made p790 helps to create a very light body, as titanium is proven to be 444% lighter than steel. Moreover, the lightweight is proficiently balanced with a deep, low, and denser tungsten weight. The head will cover 50% of this weight. The weight is lower down towards the head, which makes it easier for the golfers to launch the ball higher.

The Ti heads comprise of 0.5mm of extra offset than the latest P790 model. Moreover, the heads of the TI taylor made p790 are around 2mm longer than the rest and a bit taller in the toe. This model is perfect for those players, looking for a bit more forgiveness. Yes, it is true that the price is a bit steep, but all worth it once you try out the golf club once.

Pros and Cons

So, you have gone through all the possible p790 specs and thought of making a purchase. Just like any other item, this golf set has its share of pros and cons to it. So, after you are done with p790 specs, keep your eyes open for this spot too.

  • The Speed Pocket Technology of the taylor made p790 model will offer amazing feedback with its clean and even clearer shots.
  • The main aim of this club iron is to score more towards the forgiveness of a player, mainly because of its high-end workability on some of the off-center mishits.
  • It has one promising blade length of 79mm. So, you can always expect higher forgiveness from taylor made p790when compared to some of the other clubs.
  • In layman’s term, it can be well said that taylormade iron p790 is literally the “game enhancer” iron, mostly for the mid handicappers. They are primarily concentrating on the distance of the ball, and not quite into the style or appeal of the club.
  • When compared to some of the other clubs, some golfers might find taylormade iron p790 to have lower spin rates.
  • The high-handicappers who mostly fail to strike from the center won’t look for taylormade iron p790. In its place, they might head towards the M series from the same brand.

FAQ About TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

best golf irons

Question – Can you consider P790 as blades?

Answer – One major technology embedded within taylormade iron p790 is the tungsten weight for the body and head. The name here refers to the blade length, which is around 79 millimeters long. It explains why this club is known to have a greater forgiveness rate when compared to some of the other models from the same brand.

Question – How forgiving can you say these p790 models are?

Answer – Not just being sleeker, but the 2019 models have their new technologies within. Yes, they might not be as forgiving as others, but he iron is always tour proven. It comes with MP-20 MB and with tapered blade design. It means that the topline changes based on the angle from where you look at it.

Question – How can you tell which p790 model is fake?

Answer – The original taylormade iron p790 remains at the bottom. It has a serial number marked right into the metal, which you can easily feel while running your fingers over it. Even the counterfeit remains smooth to your touch. There are some counterfeit SpeedBlade numbers available too, but the font in the counterfeit ones is a bit larger.

Question – Do you think P790 is hard to hit?

Answer – When compared to the M4 irons from the same brand TaylorMade, the P970 has thinner topline and lesser offset. They might look a bit harder to hit, but the reality is completely the opposite. These clubs are very advanced in their style and playability.

Question – What to do if the club is broken and remains within the warranty period?

Answer – Make sure to take your broken club to your nearest retailer for proper inspection. The retailer will take a thorough look at the broken or damaged club and will then sent it to the manufacturing unit for repairing or even replacing the old club with a new one.

The clubs have two years of warranty on them. You don’t have to show any proof of purchase unless you are asked for it. To get covered by the two years of warranty service, you should have the sales receipt by your side, from an authorized retailer.

The final verdict

With new inventions taking place all the time, TaylorMade has made some of the best golf iron sets of all time. This new taylormade iron p790 is here with its new tech additions, which will surely win over millions of hearts. However, you must get to all the features and compare its specifications with other models, before taking the final call.

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