TheSolarSweetspot GOLFTOOL sg3000 Golf Swing Trainer Impact Groover Practice Training Aid

Price: $268.00
(as of Jun 17,2021 05:33:09 UTC – Details)

Product Description

golf swing groovergolf swing groover

golf ball stopper

golf ball stopper

golf ball rope set

golf ball rope set

Iron ball setup

Iron ball setup

Driver ball setup

Driver ball setup

Rock Solid

The device is extremely strong with a rock solid build. The rubber stopping member above the shaft prevents the ball from rotating around the axis and causes the ball to quickly return to its initial still position.

Standard golf ball

Sg3000 is the only groover on the market that uses a real, standard weight golf ball (Srixon) for an authentic impact feel.

The ball hangs on a very high tensile strength climbing rope (330kg).

Iron setup

With the mat underneath, the ball lies 8 – 10 mm above the standing platform for iron shots. This corresponds to golf course conditions. Practically always, either on the fairway or in the rough, there is some grass under the ball, sometimes making it much higher than 10 mm off the ground.

Driver setup

Driver setup – the height of the ball adjustable to one’s preference. Below the ball is unraveled cord that provides a braking function, causing the ball to quickly return to its initial still position.

Base Carpet mat

Carpet Mat included (193cm x 125cm; 1650 g/m2; rubber backed)

Carpet Mat NOT included. You need to provide your own base mat for stability and optimal performance of SG3000

Set of balls/ropes (one for driver one for irons)

Turf Hitting mat

Impact Masking tape

Sweet Spot practiceSweet Spot practice

Sweet Spot practice

In combination with Dr. Scholl’s Foot Spray or Impact-masking tape, it is perfect for practicing the most important (and the most difficult to master) basic element of the golf swing—Sweet Spot precision.

Product disclaimer: GOLFTOOL sg3000 is best suited for recreational and serious amateur golfers who’s driver swing speed does not exceed 115 mph. AMA (average male amateur) golfer’s drive clubhead speed is 93.4 mph. LPGA Tour players swing is about as fast as the average amateur male.

The only golf swing groover on the market with a STANDARD GOLF BALL (Srixon) for authentic impact feel.
No picking up the balls: No distraction between practice shots. No need to bend over to tee the ball.
Comes with two balls/ropes, one for driver one for irons. The ball, after being hit, comes back into its initial still position in about 5 seconds. It hangs on a very high tensile strength climbing rope (330kg). Hand-made ball-rope fixture for max. durability.
Comes with Impact-masking tape, which makes it a perfect tool for sweet spot precision practice.
Hand-made in Slovenia EU.

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