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Product Description

THIODOON Glow golf ballsTHIODOON Glow golf balls

Extended Exercise Time

Do not let your game of golf be limited by the availability of sunlight.

When the sun begins to fall, it does not need to be frustrated because it can no longer move. With our led golf balls, you can play golf even at dusk or at night.

THIODOON Led Golf BallsTHIODOON Led Golf Balls

Enjoy The Golf Event In The Darkest Night

With our glow led golf balls, enjoy hitting these as the sun is going down or under the stars. When you hit out balls, will shows one beautiful arc in the sky. Its really awesome to see in person!

Single lighting time: 8-10 minutes

Total lighting time: 40-50 hours

THIODOON Glow Glof BallsTHIODOON Glow Glof Balls

Engineered for Glow, Distance

Our light up glow golf balls are made of rubber and synthetic resin. Great elasticity, strong impact resistance. And they are designed to fade, draw and spin just like a real golf ball.

Multiple occasions

It can be constantly lit up for 8 minutes after impact each time. The battery inside will last 40-50 hours, which means that you can strike the ball over 800 times.

Super Bright LED Night Golf Ball

Glow LED Golf BallsGlow LED Golf Balls

Less Balls Being lost!

You will get about 40-50 hours hits until they run out of batteries.

However, they still play as normal golf balls once they get to that point!

How to use:

To light the ball, strike the ball against the ground hard and it will light up. Then enjoy some nighttime golf!

They are super bright glow in the dark golf ball


Can be Reclock during glow, Hit for another timing begins.
Keep on glow for 8-10min, no less than 8 min.
Regular one can neither reclock nor keep on glow for 5-8min.

6 Colors for Your Choice

6 Colors in one: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and White Glow Golf Ball. Choose three different specifications you like.

THIODOON Glow Glof Balls

THIODOON Glow Glof Balls

THIODOON Glow Glof Balls

THIODOON Glow Glof Balls

THIODOON Glow Glof Balls

THIODOON Glow Glof Balls

Standard Golf Ball

Weight: 45g

Diameter: 42.6mm

Number of Dimples: 342


Can be Reclock during glow, Hit for another timing begins.

Keep on glow for 8-10min, no less than 8 min.

Great Gift Idea

It’s a ideal gift for golf lovers or someone you loved.

Fun for night events or just hitting and putting golf balls around in the back yard.







Size Available





3-1/4‘’, 2-3/4‘’, 2-1/8‘’

Colors Available

+6 colors/patterns

+3 colors/patterns

+6 colors/patterns

+6 colors/patterns

+8 colors/patterns







THIODOON Glow LED Golf BallsTHIODOON Glow LED Golf Balls

THIODOON Born for Golf

THIODOON is proud to provide some of the most inventive and user friendly Sports Products on the market.

【Easy To Find Glow Golf Balls】Playing golf at night is an amazing experience with our glow in the dark golf balls. It is a practical and fun accessories when you play them at night. Each of golf balls have bright and colorful light that is awesome to see a glowing golf ball at night.
【New Upgrade Glow Dark Golf Ball】When the golf ball is hit hard, the super bright LED lights constantly lit up 8-10 minutes each time, promised not less than 8 min. The golf ball will be resets the timer when you hit it each one, it will be delayed about 8 min again during lighting. The LED will last for 40 hours, which you can hit the ball more than 800 times.
【Easy To Use Premium Golfballs】Our golf balls are made of new elastic polyester material that hit like real balls. The LED golf ball has bright embedded LED lights, it does not need a charger and flashlight. If the battery exhausted, it can be used a normal game balls.
【Perfect Gift For Your Friends】Each of our 6 light-up golf balls have great vivid colors, they will love this special gift. They will get a lot of fun from it and fall in love with the sport of golf.
【Money Back Guarantee】THIODOON has been focusing on the development of golf, and our team members try our best to provide better products and service and earn the trust. If you don’t like these night golf balls, you can return the item within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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