tittle X Home Golf Simulator 2021 E6 Connect Edition – Indoor Real Golf Game Experience with Smart Micro Sensor Swing Analyzer (Compatible with iOS and PC)

Price: $199.00
(as of Jun 15,2021 06:43:16 UTC – Details)

[Home simulator] ● Up to 8 people can play golf with this simulator.
● Once it is connected with TV, you can play golf at home. If it is connected with smartphone or tablet PC, you can enjoy golf in anywhere.

[Mobile swing analysis system] ●Title X home simulator analyze your swing with a fancy designed lightweight sensor.

[Tiny and lightweight sensor] ●This ultra lightweight and tiny sensor weights only 0.28oz
●With 0.1s of sensor reaction rate, you can feel the ball flying away as soon as you swing.
●Touch pannel of sensor provides you to change club and hole easily.
●Using of multi-cradle, sensor would be easily detachable. It offers you to use various clubs with one sensor.

[The best golf simulation program, E6] ●E6 Connect is the best golf simulation software that is made from Trugolf, and it offers your to experience various world wide golf field (license should be purchased).
●Offering different golf field and practice mode provides you to practice and analyze.
●It provides easy software installation and simple login.

[Club-like impact folding stick] ●If you are not using your own club, you can easily play golf with impact folding stick.
●It is specailly designed to be close to the weight of the actual club and foldable for easy storage.

[Composition]●Basic Package: Title X Device, E6 Connect Product Key (PC or ios), Charger Cable and Manual, Multi Clip and Bands (for Multi Clip), Fixed 4 Clips (for Single Clubs)
●Stick Package: Title X Device, Swing Stick (Title X Swing Stick Package Only), E6 Connect Product Key (PC or ios), Charger Cable and Manual, Multi Clip and Bands (for Multi Clip), Fixed 4 Clips (for Single Clubs)
●Title Micro Sensor: 1 Title Micro Sensor
●Cradle: 2 Multi Clips and 4 Single Cradles
●Impact Folding Stick: 1 Impact Folding Swingstick

The best home golf simulator has E6 Connect with 4K ultra high definition and provides real screen golf experiences in various practice modes.
Impressive reaction rate of 0.1 sec provides no delay in data transfer and its super lightweight sensor is extremely accurate.
An included smart stick offers the ability to play golf at home(as a golf swing trainer), while the detachable cradle for your personal clubs is provided for use on the golf course.
The simulator can be connected to iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Window PC. Currently it does NOT support Mac and Android devices.
Lithium Polymer charging provides 8 hours of continuous use once it is fully charged. UI/UX direct operation is possible through the touch panel of the sensor.

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