True Original

Price: $160.00
(as of Jun 17,2021 05:45:16 UTC – Details)

The Original pays homage to our original TRUEs, comfy toe box, on off course traction, and minimalist styling. Even though they were engineered to accommodate any endeavor, do not be fooled, the Original is the ideal golf shoe. Generating more surface contact than any TRUE in history, the Original will keep you connected to the earth with ideal balance and traction. Walk and feel the course like you’ve never felt before thanks to the barefoot design and feel – eliminating all inhibitions between you and the turf. The Original has been updated with a sock liner for comfort, full grain leather, and a waterproof liner to keep your feet ready for the elements. Stay dry, period: We take weatherproofing seriously, so you don’t have to. Have confidence that your trues are built to the same level of waterproofing as the most extreme outdoor shoes available. Move comfortably: Engineered to move with you, our shoes are light weight and extremely flexible. Originals remove all inhibitions between you and the turf, you’ve never felt this kind of comfort before. Perform better: We can’t get rid of your three putts, but you’ll notice superior balance (thanks to more surface contact), grip (due to our rubber tread) and feel (minimalist sole). Walk naturally: As close to walking barefoot as you can get without getting grass stains on your feet. Originals are designed to be as natural as possible with a zero drop platform and wide (natural) toe box. Wear anywhere: You’re going to want to wear your originals off the links – that’s why we’ve designed them to transition seamlessly to the 19th hole, dinner, or the office in style.

Rubber sole
Premium waterproof full grain leather construction.
2-Year waterproof guarantee.
Thin Sole for more natural feel and power.
Defender repellent systems: Oil, water, and stain-wicking.
Natural width toe box for comfort.

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