Types Of Golf Irons [All Types Of Golf Irons Explained]

Types Of Golf Irons

The golf clubs or irons get their name due to their metal clubheads. The irons with metal clubheads have been used for centuries. For beginners and advanced golf players, a set of irons is one of the priced investments.

Ideally, beginners should choose irons to improve their game and the advanced players need irons to heighten the experience like we can name the one TaylorMade P760 Irons. The beginners usually choose the “cavity back” style of irons and the experienced players focus on “muscle-back” or “blade” iron.

Therefore, a thorough knowledge of the types of golf irons can help you improve the game considerably.

Here are the three major groups of irons from which to choose. If you want to know how to choose golf irons, the explanation provided below can help.

Types Of Golf Irons [Detailed Explanation]

how to choose golf irons

Long irons  – The name clarifies that these are the longest among the types of golf irons for players. These irons have a minimum loft, so the clubface is not as pointed as the other varieties. Although the clubface does not point at the target generally.

The shots you can produce with the long iron are not very high but send the ball long and straight. Often, the iron sets may not come with 1-iron or 2-iron due to the challenges that players face while hitting the ball.

Middle Irons – The middle irons or 4-iron, 4-iron, and 6-iron comprise the middle compartment of the golf bag. This is among those types of golf irons that have more loft than the long irons and suitable for hitting fairway shots when the lie is about 145-175 yards away from the pin.

Due to the challenges the players face while honing their skills with long irons, some players begin with a 4-iron set before moving in too long irons. Besides, using middle iron also provides more space for other clubs in the golf bag.

Short Irons – The short irons include 7-iron, 8-iron, or 9-iron with the highest loft and others can surpass this variety in terms of wedges.

The design of short irons can hurl the ball in the air in a jiffy and ideal for shots around 100 yards. The players need to play with each iron to strengthen their skills.

Irons Based On Specifications

different types of golf clubs

Many players who want to know how to choose golf irons need to focus on these broad categories at first before moving into the individual types of irons. When it comes to choosing irons with different specifications, you need to divide your attention into the following options.

Cast Irons – The cast irons are those in which the method is to pour the liquid metal into the mold, allowing the makers to create complicated head designs.

Therefore, this is among the types of golf irons that are made from different materials, perimeter-weighted, and are naturally more elaborate. The process of casting is easy, which makes it more budget-friendly.

Forged Irons – This is among the other types of golf irons in which the metals sink into a rough shape at first before hammering it into the desired shape. The makers now have a raw forged iron, which is close to the final club head, which finishes through the process of milling, grinding, and polishing.

TaylorMade P760 – The TaylorMade P 760 comes with a forged construction and a progressive set with short and long irons to boost the performance and ability of layers. What makes it more interesting is the optimization in each club for hurling the shots perfectly.

TaylorMadeP790 – The TaylorMade P790 Irons Set comes with a combination of hollow body and forged construction, along with a tungsten weight for optimal performance during the game.

The Callaway Strata Golf Set is also forged out of high-quality steel and allows players to draw and fade the golf ball according to demand.

The players need to explore the features and technologies of both irons if they want to know how to choose golf irons to enjoy the game and enhance the performance.

Types Of Golf Iron Designs

Types Of Golf Iron Designs

For players trying to focus on the design of the types of golf irons the following are the options to know.

Blade Irons – The blade irons are for the advanced players and include a thin face and a top line with a compact area of hitting. The blades aid in even distribution of the weight through the head and produce a little “sweet spot” in the center.

Usually, the area behind the sweet spot has more weight and provides more assistance to plan a shot. Often, the blade irons are also called muscle hacks. If you want to know how to choose golf irons, you should study the designs properly before arriving at a decision.

Cavity back iron – The cavity back iron is a club that comes with a cavity at the back of the head on which more weight concentrates on the perimeter. Usually, the manufacturers add more weight to the sides of the clubhead to enhance the MOI or Moment of Inertia.

The pairing between a large clubhead and a thin clubface shows how the off-center shots hurl longer in a straightforward manner compared to the off-center shot with blade iron.

Irons For Game Improvements

When looking at different types of golf clubs, not every set should work for every player. Therefore, you need to study each option more extensively before knowing which option to buy.

Super Game Improvement Iron or SGI Irons – As the name indicates, these types of irons aid in improving the game to the highest level even if it may not improve the game overnight.

However, you can get a chance to hit reasonably good shots in terms of height, accuracy, and distance with these irons. For instance, the Wilson Women’s Golf set provides SGI irons to enhance performance.

The SGI Irons are also among the Best Beginner Golf Clubs as the oversized heads of these irons make it easy for golfers to hurl the ball into the air with the least effort. As beginners struggle to make this effort and strive hard, the SGI irons can make the process easy.

Although the super game improvement irons are truly exceptional for beginners, players with varied skill levels can use them.

Game Improvement Golf Iron

Game Improvement Golf Iron

The professionals eyeing on different types of golf clubs can get the game improvement irons that come with smaller cavity backs than the game improvement irons. With this blade-long iron, it is easier to hit shots with the lowest propensity of errors. These oversized irons are suitable for players to hit great shots.

Hybrid iron set – The hybrid iron set is another of the Best Beginner Golf Clubs and just right for people who find it challenging to hit the longer irons. The set moves from cavity back short irons to the reduced cavity or hollow-back mid irons, and finally, the partially wood and iron hybrid clubs.

The cavity-back short irons offer forgiveness at the highest level and regulate the shorter shots into the greens.

And the hollow back or mid-irons help in moving the weight of the clubhead and comes back on the club and allow the players to hit high mid-iron shots. Finally, the long irons amalgamate preciseness and control with a fairway wood, which makes it ideal for amateur and professional players.

Shafts for irons – When it comes to choosing the right categories if irons, you cannot overlook their shafts. Here are the shafts to choose from the overwhelming options.

Steel shafts – One of the most popular shafts for irons is steel, which is thick and offers consistency in flexibility and shaft. You can get the same stiffness and flexibility in 4 iron or 9 iron with steel shaft. The durability of steel and its low price makes it the right option for players.

Graphite shafts – Graphite shafts are lightweight and flexible, which facilitates increasing the swift speed and provide more distance in the game. However, an iron set with graphite shaft does not have the same stiffness of steel.

Although the graphite shaft does not deliver the same feel, the process of making the graphite shaft is more expensive. Overall, it is a good option for beginners, older players, or lady golfer. The Wilson Ultra Golf Set is a classic example of irons with graphite shafts.

Multi-material shafts – The multi-material shaft combines steel and graphite. It is primarily made from steel with a graphite tip. While the steel section makes the shaft solid, the graphite tip helps in eliminating the vibrations and enhances the feel of the shot.

What To Buy

ways to pick best golf iron

The manufacturing process of irons is different. While the SGI and game improvement irons are made from cast irons, the players’ irons are forged irons.

The forged irons are more expensive due to the process of designing, so the beginners looking for different types of golf clubs can begin with the game improvement irons.

The question that may hover in your mind is which type of golf set to buy, although the answer may not be fairly simple. Usually, the 4 iron is the commonest option to choose to pitch wedge, players often look forward to 3 to 9 iron with exclusive wedges.

You are aware of the types of irons available in the market. Therefore, when buying a new set of club you need to remember them before making the purchase.

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