Volvik T2 Ionomer Polymer Low Side Spin Matte Finished Long Distance Balls 2-Pieces, 1 Dozen

Price: $27.90
(as of Jul 28,2021 11:47:16 UTC – Details)

REDUCED GLARE; Enhance concentration with matte color that gives psychological stability
POWER DUAL CORE; Soft core with high elasticity for a soft feel and fast initial ball speed
SUPERIOR LONG DISTANCE with low spin and high launch angle when hitting a driver; SUPERIOR GREEN CONTROL with powerful spin
UNIQUE COLOR MULTI PERFORMANCE; Volvik’s exclusive South Korean T2 (two-piece) model in multi-colored (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green)
The ionomer cover ball is soft compared to the conventional urethane (polyurethane) ball and has a high compression ratio, thus providing a distance suitable for the swing speed. A ball made of PU material has a lot of spins so it takes a lot of back-spin, but it also takes a lot of side-spin. For amateurs, excessive side spin causes hooks or slices. The ball of the ionomer cover prevents the ball from curving with a soft feeling and a proper spin amount and ensures straightness

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