Weighted Elbow Brace – Shoulder Turn & Straight Arm Golf Swing Trainer Increasing The Moment of Inertia Force (Rigid, US Patented)

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Product Description

The WEIGHTED ELBOW BRACE improves your golf swing by training you to make a full shoulder turn and keep your leading arm straight in the backswing as well as extend the follow-through motion for longer, straighter golf shots. The following factors improve your flexibility, strength, and balance for a better all-around golf swing.

Moment of Inertia

Moment of Inertia

Muscle weighted elbow brace

Muscle weighted elbow brace

muscle memory with weighted elbow brace

muscle memory with weighted elbow brace


The device’s total weight is 2 pounds, with the weight being distributed more toward the end of the swing motion in order to maximize the Moment of Inertia (MOI). The extra force created by the higher MOI will help you coil your upper body more to achieve a full shoulder turn. This generates more speed and power at impact and prevents slicing.


Swinging the heavy brace causes an isometric contraction in the left arm muscle group without a change in muscle length. With repeat practice, the contraction and relaxation of the muscles result in increased flexibility. You will also develop strength to hit the ball farther.


Your left arm will be fully covered by the heavy brace. The restricted feeling around the arm and the continuous stimulation by the weight will help you to build up your muscle memory quickly via repeat swings. The effect is that you will soon achieve a straight left arm, for a better golf posture, without the brace.


Full Shoulder Turn weighted elbow brace

Full Shoulder Turn weighted elbow brace

Left arm straight weighted elbow brace

Left arm straight weighted elbow brace

No chicken wing weighted elbow brace

No chicken wing weighted elbow brace

Big swing arc weighted elbow brace

Big swing arc weighted elbow brace

Full Shoulder Turn

Left Arm Straight

No More Chicken Wing

Expand Swing Arc


Shoulder Turn Drill weighted elbow braceShoulder Turn Drill weighted elbow brace

Hold a club parallel to the ground along the target line. Separate your hands and grasp the club shaft with your rear hand slightly past the grip. Make a full backswing motion while keeping your spine at the angle demonstrated. Return to your setup posture, and repeat the movement.


L to L drill half to half drill weighted elbow braceL to L drill half to half drill weighted elbow brace

Please practice this drill while focusing on your side bend to maintain your body angles. Side bend to the left in the backswing and to the right in the downswing. It may feel awkward striking golf balls with the brace at first, so we recommend you practice the drill with as many swings as you can manage at a slow tempo.


follow through drill weighted elbow bracefollow through drill weighted elbow brace

After you are accustomed to the “L to L DRILL”, you may try striking golf balls while making a full shoulder turn in the backswing and keeping the left arm straight (for a right-handed player) up to the follow-through position. You will get the feeling of a fully extended swing, as a result of the greater moment of inertia, for straighter and longer shots. Please note that you will be unable to achieve the finish position since this rigid brace prevents you from bending your left arm.



Please wear the brace on the right arm instead of the left arm and practice the swing motion from the impact to the finish position. Be sure to hold the finish position for a few seconds before repeating the drill. As you start to feel more comfortable with the drill, you will have correct weight transfer in your feet and develop a good balanced finish position for consistency in your strike.


Please watch our instructional video on YouTube and emulate the swing tempo and rhythm demonstrated.


Wear the product on the leading arm to support the elbow joint, with the heavier side facing the wrist.


• The WEIGHTED ELBOW BRACE should never be used as a medical device. • Ensure the heavier side with the label is ALWAYS pointing to the wrist. • Warm up before practice to prevent injury. • Swing slowly to reduce muscle stress in shoulders and arms. • Do not wrap the straps too tightly. • If you experience any pain or discomfort, discontinue use immediately. • If you experience persistent pain or discomfort, consult a doctor. • Use at your own risk.

by MOMENTIA GOLF TECH – The best in golf swing trainers & knowledge –

The weight is distributed toward the end of the swing motion in order to increase the MOMENT OF INERTIA as well as help you rotate your SHOULDERS more and keep your leading ARM STRAIGHT in the backswing
US patented golf swing trainer
Weight: 2 lbs. Size: Max. 14.5 inches for mid-upper arm circumference
Made in South Korea
Non-toxic silicone rubber pad, PVC coated rigid heavy steel bar, airy mesh fabric

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