Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons [Most Awaited Detailed Review]

Wilson Golf Mens D7 Irons

For several years, the answer to the question ‘How to Buy Best Golf Irons’ has consistently been ‘Wilson.’ The brand name ‘Wilson Staff’ assures quality. The company has consistently revamped its series of irons – offering added balance, aesthetic appeal, and increased ball speed with each upgrade.

The launch of the Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons was met with both excitement and doubt. The D7 irons share some design aspects with past D300 models. But, there are some exciting design implementations to look forward to. These improvements make the D7 series vastly different from other sets in Wilson’s catalog of irons.

In the past, shoppers looking for an affordable set of irons had limited options. The TaylorMade P790 Irons Set was a popular choice as it offered decent forgiveness and functionalities at a low price. But, the introduction of Wilson Staff’s D7 Irons has changed the market. Currently, in the golfing world, it’s one of the most popular irons sets.

Similar to previous successful models in the same price bracket, such as the TaylorMade P760 Irons, the D7 Irons set is extremely versatile. Its design blends functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Golfers looking to improve their game can benefit a lot from using these relatively low-budget irons. The set consists of seven clubs – each engineered precisely to feel comfortable. Despite their modern-style engineering, the clubs still manage to retain a traditional aesthetic appeal.

Shopping for a bargain? Read this Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons Review to discover whether these highly-rated irons meet your requirements.

Features and Technologies [The Detailed Review]

Wilson Golf Mens D7 Irons Review

Basic Features –  All the clubs in the Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons come with both right and left-hand options. Users get three types of flexes with their D7 driver purchase (stiff, senior, or regular). All the clubs come with either steel or graphite shafts. Users get plenty of customization options with this set of irons.

Look – Given that the C300 models from Wilson were widely appreciated for their looks, the manufacturers have given the irons in the D7 series a similar look. But, the Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons Set comes with additional distance technology features, which gives each club a unique and professional look.

The stand-out aesthetic features of these irons include – straight lines, light design, clean top lines, and the classic look that many Game Improvement clubs have.

Overall, the Wilson D7 has an eye-catching look. They look great in golf bags. They classic straight-line design will fill you up with inspiration.

Some players have criticized the seven-iron this series because of the sole visible rear. But, other design features such as the latest head design or the back weighting more than makeup for such minute flaws.

Plus, these design features boost the irons’ functionality. For instance, the careful back weighting ensures a boost in the player’s dynamic loft. Well-positioned strikes will send the ball high up in the air.

To get a professional look, get the Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons Set in silver color. You have black and blue color options as well but the sharp patterns stand out the most in the silver color. D7 branding is decent. It suits the carbon-fiber look on the clubs’ upper edges.

In terms of looks and design, this impressive golf iron can be compared with some of the most premium and expensive golf irons like TaylorMade P760 Irons. So, you don’t need to worry about the looks and design, it is just fantastic.

Wilson D7 Golf Irons Review

Light Design – This set of drivers are made with high-quality materials. But, they all feature a simplistic design. This lack of complexity reduces the overall weight of these clubs.

With reduced weight, golfers get to reach higher ball speeds. With regular practice, golfers can easily achieve a perfect golf swing plane while covering long distances.

Strength – Compared to previous models from Wilson, such as the C300 series, the Wilson D7 Mens Golf IronsSetperforms far better in terms of strength.

They have approximately two degrees more strength than C300 forged models. For instance, the seven-iron has a 30.5-degree strength, which is ideal for professional competitions.

However, a simple increase in strength can only boost an iron’s loft-jacking. To balance the loft-jacking capabilities of D7 Irons, their centers of gravity have been reduced. Once players get a feel of this increased strength, they can easily control their long-distance strikes.

The six-iron is designed to be low spinning. Almost all strong lofted irons have a low spin design, so that’s not surprising. Players who don’t generate too much topspin will need to practice a lot.

Players can easily reach a peak height of 30 yards with these strong irons. All Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons are capable of reaching this height.

Beginners using this set should start practicing with a standard 6-iron. At first, the increased strength may cause your shots to look like low-riding bullets. But as you reach higher heights, your long-distance striking will undoubtedly improve.

Wilson D7 Golf Irons

Driver – A lot of attention has gone into designing the perfect driver for the D7 series. The driver features a smooth and streamlined design.

The high-quality materials used to build the driver ensure amazing sound and feel. Plus, these irons are super-light. So, achieving great ball speed is very easy with this driver, be it a long or short hit.

The driver almost looks like a 3-piece crown. This woven carbon fiber crown aids in neutralizing the annoying vibration golfers feel after striking the ball. Plus, this driver features a brand-new technology called RE.AKT.

This added design feature enables players to strike more precise long-distance shots. The Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons is ideal for striking precise shots at high head speed.

Sound – The Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons have been praised for producing a crisp sound that’s easy to hear.

It is easy to get feedback on your shots. The crispy ‘thwack’ sound upon impact helps players feel better as well. The sound almost omits a sense of resilience and stability.

These irons feel and sound stable. Even off-center shots hold their line extremely well. These irons feature a wide sole and a big cavity. So, even the sounds produced by the slightly longer irons are high-quality.

The quality of the sound diminishes slightly as you transition to shorter irons. But, with a drop in sound quality, there’s an improvement in the club’s feel. The cavity back iron feels firmer with every reduction in size!

Perfect Golf Swing Plane

Thin Face – This Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons Review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that these irons feature Wilson’s thinnest ever face. The thin face makes these irons more responsive. You can get sufficient feedback even with long-distance shots. The feel of the irons also improves.

RE-AKT Technology – This new concept called the ‘RE-AKT Technology’ had attracted a lot of speculations. All long irons in this set come with three rows of specially designed Power Holes.

They ensure that players get to maximize their distances. While the shorter irons of the set have lesser Power Holes, their strength lies in their lightweight and amazing feel.

These Power Holes increase ball speed and make the clubfaces extremely responsive. The clubface is already Wilson’s thinnest ever.

Add these Power Holes to them, and their functionality improves instantly. Longer irons have more Power Holes. Lesser Power Holes in shorter irons makes it easier to precisely control long-distance shots.

REAKT Technology enables players to manage the impact of their shots better. Apply power exactly where you feel it’s needed the most. Combining these irons’ lightweight and control capabilities with REAKT technology provide golfers with amazing playing experience.

There are three rows of Power Holes in the four and the seven-iron. There are only two rows in the eight and nine-iron. RE-AKT Technology gives the Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons a ‘USP’ in the market.

How To Buy Best Golf Irons

Game Improvement – The Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons doesn’t look like a game improvement club at first glance. Its straight-lined design and clean top lines make the D7 series look like a professional’s kit.

But, don’t fall for this look. D7 series has efficiently combined this professional look with Game Improvement Technology. Expect your game to improve as you get adjusted to transitioning between the D7 irons.

  • You get seven golf clubs with the Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons
  • Right or left-hand options.
  • Choose either steel or graphite shafts as per your preferences.
  • Optimal weight boosts responsiveness.
  • Cost-effective purchase. 
  • One of the most appealing and professional golf club designs in the market. 
  • Wilson D7 driver offers Dynamic Launch Control in terms of specifications. 
  • Golfers looking for faster swing speeds can get it by going for either the 9-degree or 10.5-degree head.
  • Other premium models are available in the same price range.

The Final Words

how to improve your golf skills

Concluding this Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons Review without mentioning Wilson Golf as a brand feels wrong.

This brand has over a century of positive experiences in designing premium-quality recreational and professional golf equipment. Their products are frequently used to win championships. Amateurs hoping to attain this level will love the D7 irons. 

The light swing ensures that mid handicappers get to generate enough clubhead speed and reach long distances. Overall, the Wilson D7 Mens Golf Irons offer excellent value for the money. 

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