Wilson Ultra Golf Set [Complete Golf Set Detailed Review]

Wilson Ultra Golf Set

Known for its super game improvement design, the Wilson Ultra Golf Set is one to watch out for in 2020. This design focuses more on generating enough distance for the beginner golfers out there.

This Wilson Ultra Golf Set is known for its large 460cc matrix driver, made out of world-class titanium. This driver uses a hot face and with a Lower center of gravity. As a result, it helps in launching the ball high right off the tee. 

This Wilson Ultra Golf Set also happens to have large sweet spot irons, which mostly feature the perimeter weight for improving performance rate on most of the off-center hits.

Furthermore, you can’t miss out on the alignment putter of this Wilson Ultra Golf Set, which comes with this soft paddle grip. The main purpose of this grip is to improve distance and aim for all the golfers, new and experienced ones, alike.

To complete the entire Wilson Ultra Golf Set, this package comes with a lightweight bag. This ergonomic bag comes with a self-activating stand and with various pockets, making storage easier for all.

The Complete In-Depth Review Of Wilson Ultra Golf Set

Wilson Ultra Golf Set Review

Features to top it all – Before you get this set for your upcoming golf match practice, be prepared to check out Wilson Ultra Golf Set Review thoroughly. Here, you will get detailed information on the features of this item.

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Lower profile based 15-degree 3-wood – If you check out the recent Wilson Ultra Golf Set Review you will get to learn about the lower profile 3-wood. This wood can cover all your driving needs.

Then with more competencies in this game with passing time, this fairway wood will be the ultimate addition to your set to help conquer longer par 5s. This low profile wood is manufactured using titanium and comes with a graphite shaft.

It is lofted at 15 degrees and with a wide sole to help it stay lower to the ground and under the golf ball. This wood forms a major part of Wilson Mens Ultra Golf Set and offers amazing lift and cover long distances easily.

Wilson Men Ultra Golf Set Review

Titanium-based 460dcc driver – This portion of the Wilson Ultra Golf Set Review talks about the 460cc titanium driver, which is lofted at 10.5 degrees. It comes with the finest black finish, offering a nice contrast to the golf ball.

The main purpose of the driver is to help golfers gain moderate experience and success in this game. Before that, the golfers can use the two other kinds of wood as part of the Wilson Mens Ultra Golf Set.

But, make sure to understand the quality of the driver first. With this set, you will receive number 1 wood with a larger sweet spot for maximizing forgiveness.

Wilson Men Ultra Golf Set

Game improving irons – This set comprises of four irons along with the best beginner golf clubs. It starts with the 6-iron and can end at 9-iron. These irons are cavity backed up and designed to improve distance and minimizing mistakes.

The irons will form a major part of this starter golf club and are perimeter-weighted. So, you can get the finest balance through the entire impact zone. 

The irons can further assist with forgiveness to cover some of the off-center strikes. The irons have stainless steel shafts and with wide soles.

That makes the iron to cut smoothly through the soil and end up offering better contact and accuracy with the face of the club. Remember to check out more about the irons before heading towards the best beginner golf club sets in here.

best starter golf clubs

25-degree 5-hybrid – Another interesting piece of wood to complete this set of best golf clubs for beginners is the 5-hybrid, well lofted at 25 degrees. When compared to the typical hybrid club, this one is a bit different.

It is mostly shaped like fairway wood with a wider body and a large flat sole. The advanced hybrids form the best golf clubs for beginners and will have a boxier shape to them.

This shape will help the hybrids to stand tall with a large sweet spot. When it is about the 5-hybrid, this club from the beginner golf clubs set will work more like small fairway wood then the typical ones.

This hybrid of the beginner golf clubs set can offer solid shot height and can easily cover a longer distance. It is perfect for the beginners to start with the hybrid, and then leading towards three wood and finally, to the driver as some of the best beginner golf clubs in this set.

Finest Crafted Pitching Wedge – Even though some golfers might wish for some more wedges with the best golf club sets for beginners, but the pitching wedge you get with this team is well made to help beginners get the ball out of trouble and on putting surface.

Just like all the other irons within this set, this pitching wedge is also perimeter weighted. It helps in assisting forgiveness of all the off-center hits. So, now the golfers can use this wedge in various situations.

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best golf club brands for beginners

  • When compared to the normal trajectory, the hybrids and the woods are far better in this set.
  • There is a durable bag available with such best golf club brands for beginners, making it easier to carry the golf clubs around.
  • This set comes with steel shaft based irons, designed for premium accuracy.
  • Thanks to the driver of this set, now the golfers can cover the excellent distance with ease.
  • It takes time to get used to the big head of the driver.
  • The putter seems very light, which can sometimes be a turn off for some players.
  • The bag doesn’t have a sand wedge, which is a bummer!

The Final Verdict

The features and positive characteristics will make this Wilson Ultra Golf Set for men a perfect choice for many. However, the final verdict depends on individual players, which are subject to change from time to time. When compared to all the other new models, this one is right at the top of the list. 

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